Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLIF) Treating America’s Biggest Disease: Addiction

Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLIF) Treating America’s Biggest Disease: Addiction

TOCCA Life’s Sober Living Halfway House and Strategic Coaching is for individuals recently in an addiction drug treatment facility, drug detox rehab or in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction who are willing to abstain from alcohol and mind altering substance abuse within a structured environment while practicing the 12 Step Program of AA & NA.


To help others with The Other Cancer Called Addiction take advantage of their Second Chance at Life while working the 12 Step Program… To Help Them Have The TOCCA Life!


Clinical toxicology laboratory testing for exclusively owned and operated sober living facilities.


TOCCA Life offers clients more than the typical halfway house, recovery residence, sober or transitional living experience by opening up doors of interest that may spark a new passion for life while practicing the 12 Step Program and organized sports events. Further, TOCCA Life offers Strategic Life Coaching, Sober Corporate Event Companions and Occupational Coaching at no extra charge in most cases.


TOCCA Life uses social media channels to communicate with its investors and the public about the company, its brands and other matters, and those communications could be deemed to be material information. Investors and others are encouraged to review posts on TOCCA Life’s company blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.


Tyler Cornell President & CEO

Cornell has held numerous executive roles in a variety of industries and has developed a unique skill set and management style that has been proven effective. As one of 3 creators of the first 95% No Income, No Asset, No Closing Cost mortgage programs, his concept became quite popular throughout the US on the retail and wholesale levels. Simultaneously, his concept of ‘franchising’ mortgage banks, later coined Net Branching, was developed to become an industry in itself with numerous models sprouting up across the nation. On his rise to the top of the mortgage industry, Cornell built, owned and operated Realty Transfers Title Abstract Company and Processors, a mortgage document processing company, for his smaller wholesale mortgage brokers to subcontract instead of incurring the overhead of a full time processor.

Mr. Cornell moved on to found Cobee Marketing & Cigar Television Network with Kevin Harrington, former CEO of HSN Direct and Panel Member for ABC’s TV Show Shark Tank. In so doing, Cornell took the role as Executive Producer of ‘Smoking Lifestyles’ TV show featuring Burt Reynolds, Micky Roony, Boom Boom Mancini, Larry Manetti, Down Town Julie Brown and Rhonda Shear. He orchestrated a reverse merger takeover to form Reliant Interactive Media Corp. (OTCBB: RIMC) where he was acting President. After hearing a local salesman make B2B pitch for refurbished computers, Reliant went on to gross over $100 million during its first fiscal year while being the first to sell refurbished computers directly to the public.
A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Cornell created the first company in decades to overtake the advertising accounts of Trader, Inc.’s Harmon Homes throughout the Long Island, NY market and the first marketing company to make a vertical integration into the real estate industry by capturing residual income as a lead generator for mortgage, title, realtor and attorney leads via internet emails and toll free contact numbers.

As a Primary Candidate for Southold Town Supervisor with a platform to bring back the middle class in his home town, he had a hidden agenda to destroy the local heroin trade via the newly inherent powers instilled by his former employee and former Town Supervisor, Joshua Horton. Cornell’s primary election drew the highest voter turnout percentage in the history for a NY Conservative Primary and included support from IBEW Local 25.

Thereafter, Cornell oversaw the Dominican Republic operations of Caribbean Casino and Gaming Corp. but has finally found his passion, in a business that includes incredible margins while benefiting the whole of society, and requires every facet of his past experience. This passion is called TOCCA Life.

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