Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLIF) Drug Testing for Teenagers

Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLIF) Drug Testing for Teenagers

Tocca Life Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:TLIF) Drug Testing for Teenagers

Tocca Life make it easy to test for drug use in Teenagers without the need for confrontation.

Surface drug testing is an effective way to detect the presence of illicit and prescription drugs on most surfaces and contact items, making them suitable for testing clothing, skin, credit cards, computer keyboards and liquids even when there is no trace of a drug. The latest generation of drug detection and identification kits can detect up to twenty two different drugs.

Drug prevention starts at home by monitoring your family and by noting the tell tale signs of drug abuse. Embarking on a drug testing regime can alleviate the emotional stress and anguish of seeing your family deteriorate due to misuse.

By ‘nipping it in the bud’ you can prevent addiction and avoid the costly business of sending your loved ones to therapy and or living in Sober Living Residences. Drug monitoring with the TOCCA Screen Professional 10 Drug Test Tool Kit will bring about accountability and identify the first signs.

Drug abuse intervention is a simple matter of making them take a regular drug test and by identifying unknown substances you may find around the home. Using the new TOCCA Screen Professional 10 Drug Test Tool Kit is the first step. Find out more about this great new product..

The Surface drug test kits are the newest generation of hand-held colorimetric drug detection and identification test kits. Drug detection and identification is based on wet chemistry, and can detect and identify both trace and bulk amounts of illicit drugs. The advantage of these test is that you do not need to see a controlled substance in order to detect its presence. The colormetric reagents between the liquid and test paper react to produce a unique color when they come into contact with a narcotic substance.

TOCCA Life Holdings, Inc., through its subsidiary, TOCCA Life Coaching, Inc., provides structured sober living facilities, and illicit and prescribed drug monitoring. The Company offers clinical toxicology laboratory testing for its sober living facilities. The Company, along with providing halfway house, recovery residence, sober or transitional living experience, is also engaged in the 12 Step Program and in organizing sports events as part of its transitional program. It also offers Strategic Life Coaching, Sober Corporate Event Companions and Occupational Coaching. Its TOCCA Life application caters to the Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotic Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous victims of addiction

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