Singapore: Cellos Q4 Newsletter Questioned

Singapore: Cellos Q4 Newsletter Questioned

Ousted Chairman Jason Huber FCPA has raised some questions in his latest letter to members of the Class Action Group.

From Jason Huber

No doubt you have seen the Q4 newsletter published by Janifer Yeo Tan and her newly promoted CEO Suraj Prasad, recently replacing Kamlesh Patel who conveniently left the Cellos in August last year.

In the newsletter these two alleged conspirators tried again to make everything look rosy and that major accomplishments were achieved in the three months since Prasad had started.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

First of all lets not forget that these characters are imposters who we allege are part of a well organized group who created an audacious plan called Project D to sabotage and steal Cellos, and executed the plan with $30 million mainly obtained in a manner that may be considered illegal from unsuspecting parishioners of the Christian City Missions Church in Kallang, and from Trinity International Church in Paya Lebar.

Yeo Tan and Prasad are carrying on the lie and theft that has robbed us of our entitlement and we have every right to question and bring to the attention of fellow shareholders what is actually happening here.

Staff Exodus.

In 2015 before the company was sabotaged it had 65 Engineers with Masters Degrees and 9 with PHD’s . These talented people built the Cellos operating system IP for which 40 patent applications had been lodged in several countries. All these people have LEFT!

The Management team brought in by Kamlesh in 2011 all left and set up a competing company in 2014 called Avanseus. This company “miraculously” sold a software system almost identical to the Cellos probe and analytics system with the same customers who were supposed to be buying from Cellos.

Another Management team again brought in by Kamlesh in 2015 also (including Kamlesh) all left between August and December 2017. There is practically no management left. (apart from Prasad and Yeo Tan)


The patents, Prasad and Yeo Tan, claimed credit for in the last quarter report were all registered years ago and it just so happened that the quarantine period for other companies to submit objections under the patent system expired last quarter therefore these patents were by-default approved. It is opportunistic and misleading for Yeo Tan and Prasad to try to deceive you into believing that some wonderful R&D is being undertaken at CellOS today.

Perhaps you should ask who is actually doing such work.


Refer to Awards Recordings attached 1 with Manjit Singh and Shaneel Ramanand

I have asked staff who recently departed Cellos, what awards were won by Cellos and they responded that are not aware of any. Much to my surprise they even laughed and stated that the award granted in 2016 to Cellos was done so under suspicious circumstances. I am aware that it was around that time that Kamlesh had trumpeted this award to unsuspecting Singaporean individuals to get them to invest another $10million in Cellos in mid 2016.


Yeo Tan and Prasad, please show us the huge revenue contracts CellOS is supposed to have been won. Your own staff are not aware of them.

Organised reduction of the Management

Please refer to the employment recordings attached 2. Prasad and Yeo Tan are desperately reducing staff levels as there is no revenue and no money in the company. The staff have been told that had Prasad not done so the company would have gone into liquidation this month. This has nothing to do with organized restructuring for better talent.

Un-answered questions put forward by the Class Action Shareholders.

Yeo Tan, the board and Prasad have not answered the questions put forward by the Class Action Shareholders. Instead they have issued a so called “Independent Shareholder statement” and email accusations against me using unsavory language towards me rather than answering the questions. This is unprofessional and disrespectful to all shareholders who demand the truth.

Tristan Tabori is not an independent shareholder. He is a close associate of Nitin Darmodaran, Harveen Singh Narulla, and Vlad the Ukrainian Investor who was convinced into investing one million dollars in the 5c shares in 2016 despite being warned several times that these were illegal shares being investigated by the CAD in Singapore.

Tristan Tabori also introduced Suraj Prasad to CellOS and it appears has more of a role with them than he is admitting. Shareholders have a right to the truth. The constant allegations that such questions have some ulterior motive are a mere attempt to avoid the truth.

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