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Samsung PINK:SSNLF Becomes World’s #1 Handset Seller In Q-3

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: November 13, 2013 Samsung PINK:SSNLF Becomes World's #1 Handset Seller In Q-3

Samsung PINK:SSNLF Becomes World’s #1 Handset Seller In Q-3


Samsung Electronics became the world ‘s #1 handset seller across all continents in Q-3, winning the title for the 1st time in the company’s history, a US based market researcher said Wednesday.

Samsung ranked 1st in terms of global handset sales in Q-3 in all 6 continents, including North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and Africa, where Samsung’ handset beat Nokia for the 1st time, according to Strategic Analytics.

Samsung sold a total of 120.1-M mobile phones (handset) across the globe in Q-3, taking up the market share of 28.6%.

The company sold 15.8-M mobile phones in the Middle East and African region during the Quarter, higher than Nokia’s NYSE:NOK 14.7-M sales. Samsung’s market share in the region was 36.4-%, rising from 24.4%last year.

In Western Europe, difference of handset market share between Samsung and Nokia widened to 27.7% in Q-3, with the gaps in Latin America and Eastern Europe gaining to 13.4% and 14.4% respectively.

In the North American region, Samsung’s market share declined 3. 4 percentage points in Q-3 due to the launch of Apple’s NASDAQ:AAPL new models, but the South Korean company maintained the # 1 position in the region with a market share 9%  higher than Apple’s.

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