Rolls-Royce Unveils Trio Of Bespoke Dawns

This weekend, classic and luxury automobile enthusiasts and collectors will be treated to the unveiling of three of the most highly customized Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn motor cars crafted to date. Commissioned by some of the most prolific Rolls-Royce Motor Car collectors, the three Dawns represent the best of luxury and craftsmanship available from the world’s most authentic luxury marque. Two of the vehicles will be unveiled at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering on Friday, Aug. 19. The third will be unveiled at a private gathering of Rolls-Royce Collectors on Saturday, Aug. 20 as part of Rolls-Royce activities at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the world’s premier celebration of luxury and automobiles.

The first project to be unveiled at The Quail is the latest addition to motor car collector Michael Fux, who today received the keys to his tenth Rolls-Royce Motor Car: a stunning duo-tone blue and white Dawn Drophead. The exterior is hued in a unique Bespoke Color, Fux Blue, for a stunning finish, while the Bespoke Hood features Fux Blue. The bright Arctic White interior offsets the luscious blue exterior and includes the sleek Piano White fascia and Bespoke Arctic White hand-wrapped steering wheel. The Arctic White leather surrounds the compartment and adorns Dawn’s rear deck. The white interior is highlighted by the color of the Fux Blue Bespoke lambswool carpet, creating a visually striking interior. Mr. Fux’s Bespoke creations have introduced new levels of color and design to Rolls-Royce Motor Car lovers over the past 15 years and this Dawn will join his private collection of more than 150 beautiful motor cars.

Nautical Dawn:

Roll-Royce will also reveal a stunning Nautical Dawn designed for a client from South Florida. The patron worked with renowned interior designer Barclay Butera to create a unique nautical theme for her Bespoke Dawn to complement the style of her Oceanside residence. Mr. Butera, well known for many nautical-inspired interior designs, worked with the owner to incorporate her passion for all things oceanic into this unique Dawn. Featuring a Midnight Sapphire Bonnet over an Arctic White body, the Nautical Dawn’s exterior is inspired by the blue and white motif of great sailing yachts and the color of the sea. The maritime theme is carried over into the interior which features Arctic White leather offset by Navy Blue highlights, including a custom hand-wrapped Navy Blue steering wheel and hallmark Rolls-Royce lambswool and carpets. The design incorporates traditional nautical touches with modern elements like Open Pore Teak Canadel Panelling throughout the interior, a stunning rear compartment Teak Waterfall Piece and an iconic Rolls-Royce Teak Deck. The car features fine details such as a hand-crafted Bespoke Clock inspired by the classic “Rolex Yachtmaster” design. The small yet elegant touches also include a Bespoke tread-plate with the name “Dawn” spelled out in nautical flags to commemorate its delivery at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The final piece of the Dawn Bespoke Trio will be delivered to Don Brinkerhoff, a cherished member of the Roll-Royce Collector Family. Mr. Brinkerhoff commissioned the car, his sixth Rolls-Royce Motor Car, as a homage to the AX201, the 1907 Silver Ghost, a car heralded as “The Best Motorcar in the World.” The Bespoke body sports a Matte Cassiopeia Silver exterior finish, another Bespoke color in a line of distinctive creations for the prolific patron. A Bespoke Silver Spirit of Ecstasy inlay adorns the Piano Black Bespoke facia. The interior features a beautiful Pine Green leather with black accents, highlight-stitching and piping. The traditional montage of colors harken to the early days of the brand and its

Bespoke is Rolls-Royce:

While every Rolls-Royce is special, many customers desire extraordinary distinguishing features to make their car completely unique. This falls to the marque’s Bespoke design department; a collective of the automotive world’s finest designers, engineers and craftspeople.

This approach has distinguished Rolls-Royce for over a century, with today’s methods echoing the age of the coachbuilder, when customers purchased their chassis and engine before sending it away to be bodied to their exacting specifications.

From the finest detailing to the boldest statement, customers work in close collaboration with the team to realize their desires. Inspiration can come from anywhere – whether it is a request to perfectly match the exterior finish to a favorite garment or a more elaborate creation that seeks to tell a story – no idea is left unexplored.

With an unparalleled scope for personalization, Bespoke is the jewel in the crown of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ unique brand promise, indeed Bespoke is Rolls-Royce.

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