Retired CIA Official Larry Johnson Talks Obama, Russia and Lies

Retired CIA Official Larry Johnson Talks Obama, Russia and Lies

Barack Obama has noted that the negative consequences of US interventions overseas could lead to even more problems. Since he took office eight years ago, a total of seven countries have been targeted by the US military, with America carrying out bombing operations in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and now Syria. Obama’s term in office has also seen eight times as many drone strikes as were approved during the Bush administration. However, back in 2009, just weeks into his presidency, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, when he newly-elected leader was praised for the promises he’d made during his election campaign. It has since been claimed that the move was nothing more than an attempt to lure the popular new President to Norway.

RT: It’s been days since this attack. We learned almost immediately that two US servicemen had been killed. Why has it taken longer to learn about the civilian deaths, especially when there were significantly more of them?

Larry Johnson: This is a political intervention, not so much a military intervention. They are very concerned about how it is going to play in the domestic politics back at home. The way the theme is being constructed, is that Russia is killing civilians, the US is promoting democracy. The fact of the matter is, both sides have been responsible for killing some civilians in some cases, but that is because the enemy that is being battled is using the civilians as human shields. So sometimes it is unavoidable.

I guess what really bothers me about this is that instead of focusing upon the policy objective… What is the policy objective? Containing Islamic extremism, destroying its base, making it incapable of being able to kill other people and impose its XIII century mentality upon people? Instead of cooperation between the US and Russia on that, we’re looking at these games. They would be childish games if there were not human lives at stake. It is really disturbing that, from my Afghanistan standpoint, in the US most people don’t even know there is a war going on there anymore.

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