President Trump’s MAGA Agenda Will Not Be Stopped

President Trump’s MAGA Agenda Will Not Be Stopped

President Trump’s MAGA Agenda Will Not Be Stopped

Former Trump administration aide Sebastian Gorka said Thursday that while he may no longer be working inside the White House, “the ‘Make America Great Again’ Agenda will not be stopped.”

“It is much bigger than federal government,” Mr. Gorka, 46 anni, a former national security aide, said in an interview. “The President is unstoppable.

“The bottom line is the scrappy band of the insurgents that helped the president win last November — when we came into the building on January 20, it was a hostile takeover.

“There were very few of us and a lot of them,” he said.

“In recent months,” however, “they came to realization that to best support the agenda, we’ve got to get out of the bureaucratic infighting and we’ve to stop people getting boxed in into avenues that do not support the president.

“So, we have much more power, much more, many more tools on the outside.

“Steve Bannon, myself, we are still on message,” Mr. Gorka added, referring to the former White House chief strategist who resigned on August 7th after 7 months in the White House.

He immediately returned to the post of Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, which he held before joining The Trump Campaign during the primaries.

“The President is on message, but it’s much easier to win if we can do so from the outside.”

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