President Trump’s Immigration Enforcement is a Priority

President Trump’s Immigration Enforcement is a Priority

President Trump’s Immigration Enforcement is a Priority

A crackdown on illegal immigration under President Donald Trump is driving some illegal immigrants to stop stealing US taxpayers money, and opt out of the US Food Stamp program because they fear being found our and deported.

People who are not legal residents of the US are not eligible to take part in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Some of these people now feel that is too dangerous under President Trump who has made immigration enforcement a priority. Throughout the US, there are accounts of people resisting efforts of non-profit organizations to sign them up for food stamps, letting benefits lapse or withdrawing from the program because of the inherent risk of being sought out and deported.

The US food stamp program provides monthly payments, typically about $125 per eligible household member, to poor families to buy essential staples.

It is not possible to determine the extent of abuse and/or the opp out happenings. The number of food stamp recipients has declined as the US recovers from the Great Recession, people drop out for various reasons.

A 52-year-old woman interviewed in New York City, a Mexican in the country illegally, told The Associated Press she was motivated in January to drop a benefit that was supporting her teenage daughter, a U.S. citizen, purely because she was afraid of being in the food stamp system, which requires applicants to state their immigration status.

Mark Krikorian, an advocate for reducing immigration to the US, said situation reflects the fact that many people who come to this country lack the skills to earn enough money here. “It is an attempted moral blackmail to say ‘If you Americans don’t give me your money, I can’t stay here and feed my children,'” he said. “Well, it’s your choice. No one made you sneak into the United States.”

About 3.9-M citizen children living with illegal immigrant parents received food stamps in FY 2015, the most recent available data, according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which administers the nations food stamp program.

Driving the most recent fears about the program is an increase in illegal immigration enforcement.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested nearly 40% more people suspected of being in the country illegally in the 1st 100 days under President Trump than in the same frame last year. ICE said nearly 75% of them had been convicted of criminal offenses, and that “non-criminal arrests” were up by more than 150%.

Illegal immigrants are now rightfully afraid to interact with institutions that US citizen/taxpayers legally rely on for health and well-being. They are not entitled to participate.

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