Photography News: DxO ONE

Photography News: DxO ONE

Camera manufacturer DxO announces major updates to the DxO ONE Miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone®, including Wi-Fi remote control and a new waterproof Outdoor Shell designed to further extend its fields of use. Upholding their promise to make the camera even better after you’ve bought it, Wi-Fi Remote Control will be available to all existing users free of charge via a forthcoming 2.0 software update. DxO’s accessories ecosystem also introduces an ultra-compact Stand and a snap-on Optical Adapter, enhancing creative possibilities for the DxO ONE which captures pro-quality photos and videos that you can share instantly to Facebook®, Instagram®, YouTube® and more.

DxO’s new Wi-Fi Remote Control implementation is remarkable in that it completely eliminates the cumbersome and altogether frustrating Wi-Fi configuration process that plagues every other Wi-Fi-equipped camera on the market. When attached via DxO’s patented Lightning® connector, Apple iOS can seamlessly pass its Wi-Fi authentication credentials from the iPhone to the DxO ONE. In-house or in-office, users can take advantage of this unique DxO innovation that lets the camera immediately tap into the Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is already logged onto. And when traveling about, or out in the wilderness, your DxO ONE can just as easily create a direct Wi-Fi connection to your iPhone. By enabling remote connectivity between the DxO ONE camera and your iPhone, photographers are free to explore every conceivable photographic angle, while still having control over every capture setting, and the ability to easily view, edit and share their content to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

“Last year, we revolutionized mobile photography by packing DSLR-quality into a camera design so incredibly small that it could always be available in our pocket,” said DxO CEO and founder, Jérôme Ménière. “And now, thanks to Wi-Fi Remote Control and our new accessories ecosystem, all our users can take the DxO ONE with them absolutely anywhere, without restrictions, and extend their creativity even further.”

The Outdoor Shell, compatible with all existing DxO ONE cameras, is extremely rugged and yet quick and easy to attach. The shell can be equipped with either of two waterproof back doors, one of which is splash proof (IP67), perfect for sailing or walks in the rain. The other is fully submersible and immersion proof to depths of 45m (150 ft) for scuba diving in a reef or just swimming in your pool. The design features a dual clamping system that snaps securely into place to protect your DxO ONE camera from water, dust and shock, while providing access to power switching and multiple capture modes without having to open the shell. Built to stand up to the elements, the Outdoor Shell is made from durable high end polymers and stainless steel. The shell accepts 30.5mm thread optical add-ons, features a ¼-20 thread for tripod mounting, and can even be attached to popular Action Cam fixtures and harnesses. Available in seven exciting colors including yellow, coral, lime, olive, black, white and lagoon, the waterproof Outdoor Shell is the perfect way to protect and personalize your DxO ONE.

The 2.0 software update also introduces Mobile Smart Lighting, a lighter-weight variant of the famed Smart Lighting feature in DxO OpticsPro, which automatically analyzes each scene and applies an intelligent and customizable global tone map—in this instance, to every photo you take with your DxO ONE. The overall effect is similar to having added a fill light to the picture, which dramatically enhances the dynamic range of your images. The automatic 2.0 update also includes significant enhancements to battery management and power consumption including an on-demand auto-focus mode similar to that of DSLRs, and an innovative underwater white balance that automatically compensates for the blue cast to achieve a more pleasant rendering in your underwater images.

“It seems every few months the team in Paris automatically updates my DxO ONE with cool new features,” said celebrated motorsports photographer, John Thawley. “Now, with remote Wi-Fi control I’m totally untethered. Combined with the protective shell, I’m free to place the camera in all sorts of new and discreet scenarios. This means I can capture high resolution images that just weren’t possible before… not with any camera!”

An e-store, accessible right from the DxO ONE app, allows you to easily order any of the new accessories including an ultra-compact Stand that uses an ingenious combination of clamps to let you balance your camera on almost any surface or mount it to a tripod. Also accessible via the e-store is a snap-on Optical Adapter that allows standard ND and creative filters, macro lenses, and hoods to be mounted in front of the lens of your DxO ONE camera. And of course, the accessories store also provides one stop access to the waterproof Outdoor Shell that lets you take your DxO ONE miniaturized camera where no DSLR or smartphone can go.

Pricing & Availability
The DxO ONE Miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone and iPad is available now for pre-order at, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target and other respected retailers for $499. First customer availability is expected second half of September.

Also available in the same timeframe from select retailers, as well as via the new in-app e-store, are genuine DxO accessories designed to enhance the DxO ONE user experience. These include the waterproof Outdoor Shell for $59.99, the ultra-compact Stand for $24.99, the snap-on Optical Adapter for $24.99, and a protective quick-draw Zipped Pouch for $19.99.

The DxO ONE 2.0 iOS app and companion Apple Watch® app will be made available as free software updates via the iTunes App Store®, also available the second half of September. Every DxO ONE user is invited to download DxO Connect for Mac/PC, or on Mac DxO OpticsPro for Photos – DxO ONE camera only, both of which harness the power of the DxO OpticsPro photo engine to make your best DxO ONE photos look even better.

About DxO
For well over a decade DxO has developed the world’s most advanced image processing technologies, which have enabled over 300 million devices to capture the highest quality images achievable. DxOMark has extensively analyzed the image quality of thousands of cameras, lenses and mobile phones, and provides public access to their scientific results to help further the art of photography. DxO OpticsPro, powerful RAW image processing software for Mac/PC, helps photographers of all levels make their best photos look even better. And with the recent introduction of the award-winning DxO ONE Miniaturized DSLR-quality Camera for iPhone and iPad, the image scientists and engineers at DxO have redefined mobile photography and are now dramatically extending its fields of use with a robust accessories ecosystem that enables users to capture stunning photos that can be shared instantly and last a lifetime.

DxO is a registered trademark of DxO Labs. Other trademarks and trade or brand names may be used in this document to refer to either the third-party owners of trademarks or to their products. DxO Labs makes no claims whatsoever with respect to the registered trademarks and brand names of third parties.

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