Welcome to One Ohana

Welcome to One Ohana

Welcome to One ‘Ohana

Please take a moment to read about our imaginative company, its innovative ideas that may change the direction of your life.

It will not take long, and we know you will find it fascinating.

We are excited to tell you about a cutting edge new opportunity. Our story compelling, and we invite you to join us as we experience explosive growth.


This is One ‘Ohana, and it is Free!

We are a sales oriented company run by seasoned, successful marketing professionals who are staunch entrepreneurship proponents, and strongly believe that our platform is the wave of the future.

One ‘Ohana is a company infused with the Aloha spirit, and is governed by its tenets.

We were created to unite people with the common goal of improving life. With our innovative approach, and with our mission of helping people grow together, we are blazing a new trail with the application of social networking as our core.

The transformation to an information based economy presents small business with a viable alternative to traditional business methods and represents a rare opportunity for you—a chance to live the “American Dream” where desire, hard work and the right idea mean more than wealth or position. We’re part of a ground floor opportunity that can change your life.


Want to learn more . . . you should . . . just view the following videos, and join the One ‘Ohana team.


One Ohana is the most imaginative, innovative and potentially profitable business ideas you will find anywhere . . . one which might be worth a great deal of money to you . . . and one which could change the direction of your life.

Or focus is Health to Wealth

The very fact that you are looking at this material indicates a desire to improve your position in life . . . to advance yourself, as we want people with cool and savvy attitude who are alert to opportunities.

Our product is aimed at people who want to be in business for themselves, have fun at what they are doing, and want financial independence and security.

We believe that the objectives of making a good living and having fun doing it can be one in the same.

As we examines opportunity, we search for something that reflects satisfying levels of business quality and practice.

An examination of potential offerings quickly indicates the difficulty of finding a business we might like for anything less than a prohibitive barrier to enter.

We can address this problem for you . . . for we present a business which works for everyone.

No experience, or no experience.

Higher education, or no higher education.

Whatever the goal, whether you want to achieve total financial freedom, or just want to earn a little extra money, One Ohana will work for you.

One Ohana is Free!

The One ‘Ohana features a one-of-a-kind publishing network and a crowd funding portal.

Our Associates enjoy personal use of these programs, take pride in presenting them to others, and build the strong customer usage and loyalty so necessary for lasting success.

The One ‘Ohana marketing system has been hailed as one of the best platrorms available in our free enterprise system.

It offers an opportunity for those who are ambitious to earn an above-average income. You can earn substantial money from your own work, and you may also bring others into the program and benefit from their efforts too.

One ‘Ohana commits to the success of its Associates with a great deal of consideration and consultation. Its dedication to a standard of excellence creates a Cornerstone for established and future Associate success.

One ‘Ohana is unique and exciting.

If the time has come to be in a business for yourself our company support will provide you with wide growth potential year round, good times or bad . . . we invite you to carefully consider joining the One ‘Ohana Family of Associates.

As a company we are focused on creating a culture and foundation reflecting The Aloha Spirit.

Aloha Spirit is a term with global relevancy, which literally means “Breath of Life”.

It is without location but rather is an omnipresent energy that lives everywhere. Its basic core values reflect and signify family, honesty and reverence for nature. Outwardly it may be expressed and perceived in simple acts of kindness, hospitality, truth, integrity, generosity, appreciation, sharing, and connection with others.

Our Mission

Create an unparalleled opportunity whereby the One ‘Ohana Associate can build a business at home, and is afforded a real opportunity to succeed.

Our Objective

To make the business a safer, dignified, far more rewarding opportunity for all people. Our philosophy is Associate oriented.

The Aloha system of values stresses our commitment to faith, our responsibilities to family, and our opportunity for service to others.

We strive to create a corporate environment stressing our value system, for we know this will help people find the courage, the focus, the energy and the resolve to lead that leads to achievement.

We are dedicated to making One ‘Ohana “the greatest thing that ever happened” in the lives of our Associates.

One ‘Ohana has assumed the characteristics of a Benefit Corporation, a type of for-profit corporate entity which resembles a private non-profit Corporation.

A Benefit Corporation is a kind of corporation which has as its purpose creating general public benefit and making a material positive impact on society and the environment as well as generating a profit for its stockholders. It is a new way for a company to make social change an important part of its mission.

Simply put, a Benefit Corporation is obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not only shareholders. In a traditional Corporation, shareholders judge the company’s financial performance.

Within a Benefit Corporation performance based on the company’s social, environmental and financial impact on the community.

Again, it the the Company’s mission to benefit a large circle of people, and it is pledged to consider its impact on society, the environment, its associates, the global community, and our customers.

To further its social goals the company is presently in the process of creating its own 503(c)(1) non-profit foundation. This company will consider “do good” projects of any type on a global basis. One ‘Ohana has pledged 5% of its annual pre tax profits to assist in funding of the non-profit.

We are proud to be a part of a movement which rejects pursuit of profit above all (less than .01% of all American businesses have done so).

The Company maintains its registered and executive offices at 103 S.W. Pass Ave., Topeka, Kansas 66604.


Questions at: [email protected]

Or visit us at www.oneohana.org, [email protected]


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