Obama and Clinton in All Out War with WikiLeaks

Obama and Clinton in All Out War with WikiLeaks

Obama and Clinton in All Out War with WikiLeaks

Fearing the truth will come out the White House and the Hillary Clinton team are in an all out war with WikiLeaks.

Ecuador admitted on Tuesday it has cut the internet access of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying his activities may be influencing the US presidential election.

WikiLeaks accused the US of pressuring Ecuador to stop the leaks of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails. However, the State Department denies the allegations.

Barack Obama and the director of national intelligence are directly and knowingly lying to the public, as are the Time magazine cover story and the New York Times, and of course CNN – the Russians are not behind the electronic fraud.

Stanford University and others have very clearly established that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders using electoral fraud.

The emails that WikiLeaks are going to be releasing on November 1 have absolutely brought the US establishment into a state of complete panic, the contents of these emails will destroy Hillary and Obama.

The pressure is so great that Assange may be killed or be turned over to the Americans.

The Clinton campaign is starting to realize that Donald Trump’s message about “the system is rigged” is now resonating all around the world and across the USA.

We all know that the US threatens, interferes and disrupts elections in countries all over the world. So for them to threaten Ecuador over Julian Assange’s ability to use the internet, to expose and reveal some of the cynical and calculated emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign – obviously they want to shut down any such news.

The contents of the WikiLeaks emails must be explosive.

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