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Najib Razak Falsely Announced Malaysian Airlines MH370 Deaths

Posted by: : Shayne HeffernanPosted on: March 30, 2014 Najib Razak Falsely Announced Malaysian Airlines MH370 Deaths

Najib Razak Falsely Announced Malaysian Airlines MH370 Deaths

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak has made a serious error by falsely stating on March 24 that Malaysian Airlines MH370 had crashed in to the Indian Ocean and all lives were lost.

At the time he made the announcement there was absolutely no evidence of a crash.

Once again the Malaysian Government has failed to act in a responsible manor in relation the families of Malaysian Airlines MH370 and should be held accountable for wrongfully announcing all lives were lost.

The announcement caused dramatic scenes in China and other parts of the world, the internet let up with an outpouring of condolences, and it was all wrong.

For the families of those aboard MH370, already suffering the worst imaginable torment, the Najib Razak lie managed to make a horrid situation worse.

Najib Razak has so far survived allegations of murder, bribery and corruption in relation to internal matters, he has also targeted opposition leaders in an anti-gay attack, Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government of orchestrating his conviction and five-year jail sentence for sodomy and warned it would “face the wrath of the people”.

Yes, that is right, Anwar Ibrahim has been sentenced to jail for allegedly being Gay, a move that Najib Razak has supported openly and may well have been instrumental in bringing the charges.

After the international embarrassment caused by Najib Razak’s false claim that the Malaysian Flight MH370 crashed he should be forced to step down.

The area that Najib Razak claimed the MH370 flight crashed has been abandoned as a search area, a new search area now being investigated and is over 1000km away from the site where the crash claim was made, there is also a revisit of the Hijacking theory.

There is no proof at this stage that MH370 has crashed.

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