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Myanmar Moves To Boost Telecom Development

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: February 1, 2014 Myanmar Moves To Boost Telecom Development

Myanmar Moves To Boost Telecom Development

Myanmar government granted telecommunication operating licenses to 2 foreign companies; Telenor of Norway and Ooredoo of Qatar.

Presented by the Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications (MPT), the initial 15-yr licenses will be effective from 5 February.

The two companies said they will distribute 1,500-Kyat mobile phone sim cards of 3G system in eight to nine months and the system will be upgraded to 4G as a follow-up.

The companies predicted that 97% of Myanmar’s population will have access to mobile phones in 5 yrs.

Telenor Group, based in Oslo, Norway, has mobile operations in 11 countries across Europe and Asia, while Ooredoo, formerly known as Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and based in Doha, was newly branded as Ooredoo in March 2013.

Myanmar government invited public tender from local and international investors for two telecommunications operator service licenses in January 2013 and the two companies won the tender in June.

Altogether 91 telecommunication companies at home and abroad including multi-national ones bid for the tender.

Beginning in April 2013, MPT started to sell 350,000 1st-ever low-prized sim cards across the country on monthly basis to enable ordinary people to use mobile phones at reasonable prices.

With a presented pre-paid top-up of 300 Kyats, the unit price of MECTEL-branded low-cost sim card (CDMA-800 MHz) is charged at 1, 500 Kyats (about US$1.72), a sharp drop from 1.5 million Kyats (some US$1,704) when such sim cards were 1st introduced more than 10 yrs ago.

MPT 1st reduced the price from 1.5-M Kyats to 500,000 kyats (US$568) in February 2011 and then to 200,000 kyats (US$227) in April 2012.

The government has laid down a policy framework for the development of the country’s telecommunication ICT industry by facilitating competition of both local and international operators in the sector.

The tender targets to increase tele-density to 75-80% in MY 2015-16, to make the telecommunication services available to the public at affordable prices and to give the public capability of choice for the telecom services.

The MPT has also worked out a plan to privatize its telecommunication industry.

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