Ms. Bridgé B. Buzz Marketing Comedy Show

Kinky Models 1st episode clip

My name is Ms. Bridgé I truly believe the world is full of amazing talents but for so many the opportunity to get that exposure needed is not always available. Ten years ago I decided to dedicate the rest of my life in doing something about it.

One of the biggest obstacles for emerging talent is the opportunity to showcase their talents. The purpose of the short films, reality shows and magazine articles I have executive produced and produced for over 10 years is to expose untouched talents from all walks of life. To help emerging talents get the extra exposure they need to showcase their talents to the world.

B. Buzz Marketing is a comedy about a marketing company. The owner Ms. Bridgé posted one crazy photo of herself on social media and now all of her new clients are out of their mind.  She goes almost over night from marketing  marketable  campaigns to insane, crazy  out of this world marketing  campaigns.

This comedy show will give 10 to 15 emerging actors per season and numerous others emerging talents the opportunity to showcase their work.

B. Buzz Marketing is a 30 minute weekly sitcom that will give aspiring emerging talents: actors, music producers, clothing designers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, producers, executive producers a land seeking opportunity.

The first episode “Kinky Models”
Is about  a fashion designer that contacts Ms. Bridgé to market her new fashion collection.  Ms. Bridgé does her best to be patient with Karen’s crazy behavior (Andrea Thom character).  It’s clear she is out of her mind because she is a heavy coffee drinking and Cyndi Lauper’s number one fan.  From the posters of Cyndi Lauper on the wall to the way she is dressed.  There is not doubt she is out there.

Emerging Actors Andre Thom (client) , Hermione Elma (Ms. Bridgé best friend)  and Ms.Bridgé (owner of B. Buzz Marketing).

Everyone involved is an emerging talent.

With your help this project is sure to open more career doors for all the emerging talents involved in the project.

Donate $25.00 receive  #1  B. Buzz Marketing
T-Shirt.  Small, Medium, Large, X-Large sizes available. No Limit.

Donate $40.00 receive #2 B. Buzz Marketing
T-Shirts. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large sizes available. No Limit.

Donation of $500 you will be listed in the credits of the
first seasons as an executive producer.  There Will be 8 episodes. No Limit.

Donation of $1000 you will be listed in the credits of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd seasons as an executive producer. There will be 8 episodes per season. No Limit.

Donation of $1500 you will be listed in the credits of the
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th seasons as an executive producer. There will be 8 episodes per season. No Limit.

Donate Now

How your funds will be used

1. Advertisement and promotion for the show

2.  Extra filming equipment needed.
A.  (9#)Extra camera batteries
B.  (4#) Professional Lighting
C.  (4#)External Hard drive for footage. 4 TB in size
D.  Promotional Give aways

3.   (3#) Digital cameras

4.    Paying staff
A.  Internet researcher(s) for video content, networks to promote the show.
B.  Social media promotions



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