At the Movies: ‘Maze Runner’ Bests ‘Tombstones’ At $32.5-M

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: September 22, 2014 At the Movies: 'Maze Runner' Bests 'Tombstones' At $32.5-M

At the Movies: ‘Maze Runner’ Bests ‘Tombstones’ At $32.5-M


Director Shawn Levy’s adult drama comedy movie ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ is # 3 at $11.9-M

Proving that a YA movie adaptation can click, 20th Century Fox’s teen-powered The Maze Runner opened to $32.5-M at the domestic box office, more than 2X’d the $13.1-M  more than the debut of Liam Neeson’s R-rated action offering A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Overseas, Maze Runner dominated, grossing $37.6-M from 50 markets for a worldwide total of $81.5-M. The movie, based on James Dashner’s novel, has yet to open in 27 markets, including 9 of the Top 15.

Fox (NASDAQ:FOX) immediately announced that a sequel movie, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, will be released on 18 September 2015.

Overall revenue for the weekend was up more than 25% over of the same weekend in Y 2013

Garnering an A- CinemaScore, Maze Runner cost Fox $34-M to make and stars Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-SangsterKaya Scodelario and WillPoulter.

The movie appealed to younger males, a demographic  that has become difficult to lure to the multiplex.

Younger females, devotees of YA turned out in force too, their attendance was expected.

Overall, females made up 52% of ticket buyers, and males, 48% Nearly 65% of the audience was under the age of 25.

Wes Ball directed the movie from an adapted script by Noah Oppenheim.

From Cross Creek Pictures, Walk Among the Tombstones earned a B+ CinemaScore and came in behind expectations, and well behind Mr. Neeson’s other recent action films, including this year’s Non-Stop, which debuted to $28.9-M. However, that film, like Neeson’s Taken franchise or Unknown, was rated PG-13, Vs an R for Tombstones.

The movie, costing a reported $23-M to make and playing in 2,712 locations, is based onLawrence Block’s best-selling mystery novels and stars Mr. Neeson as ex-New York City cop MattScudder, who now works as an unlicensed private investigator and is hired by a drug dealer to find the dealer’s kidnapped wife.

Females made up 51% of the audience, whereas prerelease tracking had showed that older males were most keen on seeing Tombstones , 77% of ticket buyers were over the age of 25.

This Is Where I Leave You is a marked departure for Mr. Levy, who sticks to big commercial fare. The dram comedy, playing in 2,868 theaters, cost $20-M to make but certainly does not lack Star power, boasting a cast led by Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne and Jane Fonda. It earned a B+ CinemaScore.

From Warner Bros. a unit of Time Warner (NYSE:TWX) and based on Jonathan Tropper’s novel, This Is Where I Leave You follows 4 siblings who reunite at their family home to sit shivah for their father. The movie made its world premiere earlier this month at the Toronto Film Festival.

This Is Where I Leave You was up 28% Saturday, reflecting a strong turnout among older females, who made up 63% of the audience, while 86% of ticket buyers were over the age of 25. It did especially well on the East Coast, Chicago and Toronto.

Several other Toronto titles debuted this weekend, albeit in more limited runs, including Kevin Smith’s Tusk, which A24 rolled out in roughly 600 theaters. The film fell outside the Top 10, earning a disappointing $886,144.

Among holdovers, Screen Gems’ Idris Elba thriller No Good Deed fell to # 4 in its 2nd frame, dipping 58% to $10.2-M for a domestic total of $40-M

Alcon Entertainment’s family offering Dolphin Tale 2 rounded out the top five, falling 43% to $9-M for a domestic total of $27.1-M.

Guardians of the Galaxy continued to make news in its 8th frame, as it passed up fellow Disney (NYSE:DIS) Marvel Studios’ title Iron Man 2, grossing $5.2-M domestically and $10.4-M internationally for a worldwide take of $632.2-M. Iron Man 2 took in $624-M globally.

Here are the estimated Top 10 films for the weekend of Sept. 19-21 at the domestic box office:

Title, Weeks in Release/Theater Count, Studio, Weekend Total, Percentage Change, Take

1. The Maze Runner, 1/3,604, Fox, $32.5-M

2. A Walk Among the Tombstones, 1/2,712, Universal/Cross Creek, $13.2-M

3. This Is Where I Leave You, 1/2,868, Warner Bros., $11.9-M

4. No Good Deed, 2/2,175, Sony/Screem Gems, $24.5-M, -58%, $40-M

5. Dolphin Tale 2, 2/3,656, Warner Bros./Alcon, $9-M, -43%, $27.1-M

6. Guardians of the Galaxy, 8/2,846, Disney/Marvel, $5.2-M, -35%, $313.7-M

7. Let’s Be Cops, 6/2,312, 20th Century Fox, $2.7-M -37%, $77.2-M

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 6/2,348, Paramount, $2.7-M, -45%, $185-M

9. The Drop, 1/1,192, Fox Searchlight, $4.2-M, -50%, $7.7-M

10. If I Stay, 5/2,371, Warner Bros./New Line/MGM, $1.8-M, -53%, $47.7-M

Have some fun, see a movie this week.


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