Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks


Commentary: Nothing New.PE

DJIA at 26439.48, -0.67% is in a strong upward rally, I do not see any immediate resistance to limit further Northside action. DJIA looks Bullish in here to me.

DAX at 13324.48, -0.12% came off to 13300. And while below 13400, it may test 13200 or lower during the coming days.

Nikkei at 23477.26, -0.64% is down from near 23700. The Southside is open to 23250-23000 near to medium term, then see a bounce to current marks after.

Shanghai at 3517.71, -0.15% came down to test support at 3500, while that holds, another up-leg is possible in here. Or, the index if dips below 3500, the decliner could extend to 3475-3450.

Nifty at 11130.40, +0.55%, and Sensex to 36283.25, +0.65% rose Monday, and could be in the last leg of the rally that started on 17 December 2017 from near 10020. A few more sessions of Northside action is possible before the index pauses to refresh.

Stay tuned…

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