Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

Morning Briefing Global Stocks

$DIA, $DAX, $DJSH, $N300, $NSEI

Commentary: Nothing changed. PE

DJIA at 24140.91, -0.16% is falling as expected and could test 24000-23750, before resuming its rise to 24500.

DAX 12998.85, -0.38% rose sharply from near 12900. Sideways consolidation is likely to continue for the week before DAX show us direction.

Nikkei at 22457.74, +1.27% tested below 222000 and trading higher now. 22000 would be 1st target for Nikkei.  Then need to see if it rises back to 22800 or come off towards 21800. Preference is for the Southside.

Shanghai at 3277.73, -0.49% likely to test 3250-3200 while trading below 3300. Near term looks Bearish to me.

Nifty at 10044.10, -0.73% fell Wednesday and closed below 10050. While trading below 10050, Nifty could test 10000-9950 in here. Near to medium term view is Bearish.

Stay tuned…

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