Melania Trump Obtained a Proper Work Visa Modeling in the US

Melania Trump Obtained a Proper Work Visa Modeling in the US

Melania Trump Obtained a Proper Work Visa Modeling in the US

Melania Trump’s former modeling agent said Thursday that she obtained a work Visa before she modeled professionally in the United States in the mid-1990’s.

His comments came in response to the media’s questions about possible violations of US immigration rules.

In an interview, Mrs. Trump’s agent Paolo Zampolli offered a detailed description yet of how Donald Trump’s wife came into the country.

The campaign declined to discuss Mrs. Trump’s immigration history in detail, other than citing her path to US citizenship saying she came to the US legally and other aspiring Americans should follow her example.

Mr. Zampolli said that while he was a partner at modeling agency Metropolitan Models, he secured a work Visa for Mrs. Trump (Melania Knauss)    in the mid-1990’s.

“I know she was not working a paid job before she got the H-1B,” Mr. Zampolli said, referring to the type of work Visa that US companies can obtain for “fashion models of distinguished merit and ability.”

H-1B Visas generally allow a person to work and live in the US for 3 years with the opportunity to renew the Visas for another 3 years.

Mrs. Trump published a statement on Twitter on Thursday, “I have at all times been in full compliance with the immigration laws of this country. Period. Any allegation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

 Mrs. Trump has said she came to the US,  got her Green Card in Y 2001 and became a US citizen in Y 2006, the year after she married Donald Trump.

In her statement, Mrs. Trump did not address media reports speculating whether photos taken of her in New York in Y 1995 were evidence that she had worked illegally in the US before securing the appropriate Visa.

US law allows a person to use a visitor Visa to conduct temporary business for a foreign company or explore a future career opportunities such as visiting modeling agencies or meeting with potential clients.

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