Luxury Real Estate Remains Strong

Luxury Real Estate Remains Strong

Luxury Real Estate Remains Strong

New York City-based Concierge Auctions continued to dominate the luxury real estate auction market in 2016, reaching over $1 billion in aggregate sales, achieving first-time sales in Europe and several record-setting transactions around the globe. In addition to its international expansion of including sales in France, Spain, and the United Kingdom (and, additional sales in Canada, Jamaica, and Mexico), each quarter saw record-breaking stats and further established the nine-year-old firm as a pioneering, global marketplace. 2016 also saw the growth of one of the most valuable, ultra-high-net-worth client lists in the industry and strong implementation of the firm’s game-changing technologies, including its custom Instant Gavel® app.

“We are now active in 37 U.S. states/territories and 15 countries, with more added each month,” stated Concierge Auctions President and Founder Laura Brady. “In 2016, we achieved significant milestones that drove our growth in key markets both nationally and internationally, selling nearly $300 million in high-end real estate. We built upon our technology platform, expanded our network, and broke new ground in more continents. This continued success demonstrates that our model works for the efficient purchase and sale of unique, high-end real estate all over the world. And, it is a promising sign that the best is yet to come in 2017.”

Concierge Auctions’ notable domestic transactions spanned 20 U.S. states in 2016 and included many record-setting sales including Hacienda de las Palmas, a Monterey Spanish-styled private residence located in one of the most affluent zip codes in the country, which achieved the highest sale price in Rancho Santa Fe, California for the year; 885 Hill Lane in Reno, Nevada, a European-style, mountain cottage circa the 1700s, which achieved the highest sale price in the area in the last 10 years; and a grand manor in Colorado Springs and new construction beachfront home in South Carolina, both of which achieved the highest sale prices within their respective markets in many years.

Additional highlights included the $10.725 million sale of 72-2941 Hainoa Street at the exclusive Hualalai Resort in Hawaii, home to the Four Seasons Hualalai, which marked the firm’s highest price ever in the state; the famed Kleeberg Residence at 3 Riverside Drive, Concierge Auctions’ first private home sale in New York City; and 212 White Pine Canyon Road in Park City, Utah, a modern-day manor set on the ski slopes of the world-class Park City Mountain Resort.

“The auction process generated great exposure for the property within an accelerated time period,” said Hacienda de las Palmas Seller Rick Nicholas. “We were pleased the Concierge team found a new family to enjoy the home as much as we have. In fact, as a result of the heightened interest, we negotiated the sale pre-auction. There is no doubt in my mind that the auction process brought us the buyer. It was the right decision.”

Internationally, Concierge held auctions for properties across eight countries including the U.S., the most notable of which was the €8 million sale of Finca Sa Vinya, a 200-year-old Spanish villa in Mallorca, Spain. Other sales abroad included 26 Park Lane Circle, a 23,000-square-foot, copper-roofed estate, located within Toronto’s famed Bridle Path neighborhood, sold by former newspaper publisher Conrad Black.

“Our growth continues to be a sign that sellers and forward-thinking real estate professionals are looking to compress the timeline and maximize the price of luxury real estate. Our sellers value control, predictability, and liquidity. And, our buyers gain access to some of the best properties available for sale around the world in a transparent process,” stated Chairman Chad Roffers.

Born out of the brokerage community, Concierge Auctions has never auctioned a property without an agent partner. This is a key tenet of the firm — to give control back to agents and their clients.

“We always partner with listing agents, and having experienced first-hand the limitations of traditional efforts alone, it has been rewarding to continue to expand our relationships within the real estate community,” Roffers added.

Additional 2016 company milestones included achieving record-breaking sales over all four consecutive quarters; receiving seven Telly Awards for the firm’s innovative film production; the recognition of Brady and Roffers as two of “The Most Influential People in Real Estate” by Inman News, a first for Roffers and Brady’s third consecutive selection; an increase in the firm’s unrivaled number of global contacts from over 298,000 to over 421,000; an increase in subscribers from over 48,000 to over 62,000; becoming a preferred agent partner to Luxury Portfolio International®; and being named in Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. for the third consecutive year.

2016 SALES

1/15/2016: 155 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City, UT — Sold | Listed for $7,295,000
2/2/2016: Goshen Brook Country Estate | 77 Hageman Shean Road, Goshen, CT — Sold for $1,150,000
2/16/2016: L’Dor V’Dor, Montego Bay, Jamaica — Sold for $2,805,000
2/18/2016: Bahama Reef Yacht & Country Club, Freeport, Bahamas — Sale Pending
2/23/2016: Casa Karen, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Sold for $2,600,000
3/8/2016: 26 Park Lane Circle, Toronto, Canada — Sold | Listed for $21,800,000
3/17/2016: 14855 Sunset Ridge Court (Lot 7), Poway, CA — Sold | Listed for $3,450,000
3/29/2016: 50938 Desert Arroyo Trail, Palm Springs, CA — Sold for $2,585,000
3/31/2016: 16827 Via De La Valle, Rancho Santa Fe, CA — Sold for $687,500
3/31/2016: 24 Dispatch Creek Court, Key Largo, FL — Sold for $5,720,000
4/5/2016: Rosale Plantation | 10378 Highway 61, Saint Francisville, LA — Sold for $2,970,000
4/12/2016: Villa Ballena, Nayarit/Punta de Mita, Mexico — Sold for $2,805,000
4/15/2016: Hope Town Cottage 50, The Abaco Club, Winding Bay, Abaco, Bahamas — Sale Pending
4/26/2016: Villa Viviana, Tryall Club, Jamaica — Sold for $1,950,000
4/29/2016: 980 Crescent Beach Road, Vero Beach, FL — Sold for $3,300,000
4/29/2016: 360 N. Blue Wave Lane, Vero Beach, FL — Sold for $5,005,000
5/5/2016: 12 Front Light Walk, Daufuskie Island, SC — Sold for $1,991,000
5/5/2016: Villa La Ponche | 2-4 Rue de Pecheurs, Saint Tropez, France — Sold for €2,145,000
5/21/2016: Deer Lodge | 6284 San Marcos Pass Road, Santa Barbara, CA — Sold | Listed for $14,000,000
5/25/2016: 101 Pascal Lane, Austin, TX — Sold | Listed for $16,900,000
5/25/2016: Villa Gracia & Lot 14, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Sold for $1,540,000
5/31/2016: Monticello-Somers | 732 Hall Hill Road, Somers, CT — Sold for $2,330,000
5/31/2016: 19 Elm Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO — Sold for $4,400,000
6/10/2016: 2 Coventry Court, Larchmont, NY — Sold for $3,245,000
6/14/2016: Finca Sa Vinya, Mallorca, Spain — Sold for €8,000,000
6/14/2016: 233 Carter Road, Princeton, NJ — Sold for $1,600,000
6/15/2016: Casa del Vinatero, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — Sold for $2,750,000
6/25/2016: 55 Granite Ridge, Alberta, Canada — Sold for $2,500,000
6/29/2016: 885 Hill Lane, Reno/Lake Tahoe, NV — Sold for $1,650,000
6/30/2016: 20155 NE 38th Court, Unit 1804, Aventura, FL — Sold for $2,050,000
6/30/2016: 625 Old Tonahutu Ridge Road, Grand Lake, CO — Sold for $1,490,000
6/30/2016: 76 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City, UT — Sold for $6,275,000
7/14/2016: Wolf Creek Ranch Estate #4 | 10845 E. Wild Elk Meadows #4, Park City, UT — Sold for $4,125,000
7/24/2016: Above the Clouds | 189 Upper Springs Road, Stowe, VT — Sold for $2,750,000
7/25/2016: Moose Point | 1100 Delbrooke Road, Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada — Sold for $3,580,000
7/26/2016: Eagle Ranch | 7955 South Eagle Ranch Road, Jackson, WY — Sold for $2,350,000
7/27/2016: 212 White Pine Canyon Road, Park City, UT — Sold | Listed for $14,500,000
8/1/2016: Freedom Pass, Big Sky, MT — Sold for $1,500,000
8/2/2016: Olu Pua Gardens, Kauai, HI — Sold for $3,630,000
8/11/2016: 18127 Via Roswitha, Rancho Santa Fe, CA — Sold for $7,040,000
8/30/2016: 7500 Escala Drive, Austin, TX — Sold for $2,688,000
8/30/2016: 91 Winding Creek Road, Olympic Valley, CA — Sold for $2,585,000
8/31/2016: Blackpoint at Linville Falls | 124 Black Point Drive, Linville Falls, NC — Sold for $1,456,000
8/31/2016: 72-2941 Hainoa Street, Kailua-Kona, HI — Sold for $10,725,000
8/31/2016: Starfire | 1200 Starfire Way, Sandpoint, ID — Sold for $1,980,000
9/13/2016: Buffalo Creek | 18200 East Highway 287, Jackson Hole, WY — Sold | Listed for $3,800,000
9/28/2016: 508 Woodthrush Way, Banner Elk, NC — Sold for $875,000
9/29/2016: 707 Weaver Street, Larchmont, NY — Sold for $2,688,000
9/29/2016: 3 Pine Road, Colorado Springs, CO — Sold for $1,568,000
9/29/2016: 14115 Biscayne Place, San Diego County, CA — Sold for $2,525,000
9/30/2016: 157 Easton Road, Westport, CT — Sold for $2,050,000
10/5/2016: 19 Wharf Avenue, Pensacola, FL — Sold for $2,625,000
10/12/2016: Casa Belle Vista | 3816 Turtle Creek Drive, Dallas, TX — Sold | Listed for $8,900,000
10/12/2016: Cedar Island on Lake Champlain | 1 Cedar Island, South Hero, VT — Sold for $1,008,000
10/13/2016: Hacienda de las Palmas | 16270 Via de la Valle, Rancho Santa Fe, CA — Sold | Listed for $19,750,000
10/18/2016: The Versailles Penthouse | 360 East Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV — Sold | Listed for $4,880,000
10/27/2016: 12612 White Deer Drive, Denver, CO — Sold for $2,596,000
10/28/2016: 716 Beaumont Hwy, Lebanon, CT — Sold for $775,000
10/28/2016: 221 Spring Road, Malvern, CT — Sold for $3,036,000
10/29/2016: 14914 Springview Ridge, Bristol, VA — Sold for $772,000
11/10/2016: Villa Ghida, Calle Bella Vista, San Eugenio Alto, Adeje, Tenerife, Spain — Sale Pending
11/14/2016: 6626 Talmadge Lane, Dallas, TX — Sold for $3,416,000
11/17/2016: Casa Dall’Oceano | 9 Strand Beach Drive, Dana Point, CA — Sale Pending
11/18/2016: 508 Stonegate Lane, Winston-Salem, NC — Sold for $2,275,000
12/7/2016: 64 Orchard Road, West Hartford, CT — Sold for $789,000
12/8/2016: The Governor Ross Sterling Mansion | 515 Bayridge Road, Houston/Galveston Bay, TX — Sold for $2,800,000
12/15/2016: Il Incanto | 6605 La Valle Plateada, Rancho Santa Fe, CA — Sold for $6,804,000
12/20/2016: Chateau Montagel | 7 Montagel Way, Shoal Creek, AL — Sale Pending | Previously listed at $9,900,000
12/20/2016: Carrington House | 6 Hertford Street, London, UK — Sale Pending
12/20/2016: Viscount Court | 12 Viscount Court, London, UK — Sale Pending
12/20/2016: Cheyne Gardens | Flat 6, 14 Cheyne Gardens, London, UK — Sale Pending
12/20/2016: 300 Elks Park, Telluride, CO — Sale Pending | Previously listed at $18,000,000
12/20/2016: The Kleeberg Residence | 3 Riverside Drive, New York, NY — Sale Pending
12/20/2016: The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Unit 401A/501A, 2700 N. Ocean Drive, Singer Island, FL — Sale Pending | Previously listed at $7,750,000
12/31/2016: 68-1051 Honoka’ope Way, Kona, HI — Sale Pending | Previously listed at $4,600,000

For more information, or if you have a remarkable property to submit for consideration to the Concierge Auctions platform, call 212.202.2940.

About Concierge Auctions
New York-based Concierge Auctions is the dominant marketplace for buying and selling the world’s finest properties. Since its founding in 2008, Concierge’s business has spanned 37 U.S. states/territories and 15 countries, resulting in over $1 billion in sales and many record-setting transactions. Concierge conducts a majority of its auctions through its custom mobile Instant Gavel® application, which can be downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores. Concierge recently received the “Best Overall Marketing” award from Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, a global collection of more than 130,000 real estate professionals in more than 60 countries, and has been named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Inc. Magazine for the past three years.

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