LTN Interview: Josh Mosiman Professional Motocross Racer

LTN Interview: Josh Mosiman Professional Motocross Racer

LTN Interview: Josh Mosiman Professional Motocross Racer


Josh Mosiman a Professional 250 Motocross racer from Sebastopol, CA. Josh completed his first year as a Pro and we wanted to see how it went.


LTN: Josh, how was your first year racing Pro Outdoor Nationals


Josh: My first year of racing the Outdoor Nationals was awesome! It was such a cool experience to travel the country for 3 months racing my dirt bike. It was super fun, but it wasn’t easy! It took lots of hard work, planning and driving to get to each race. But I learned so much this summer that I will be able apply to not only my racing program for next year, but also to my everyday life!




LTN:  What was your biggest fear of turning Pro


Josh: My biggest fear of turning pro was that I might crack under the pressure of competing in such a large event and I wouldn’t qualify for the main. Most people that watch a motocross race don’t think about this aspect of it. But before the start of the first race each rider must complete two practice sessions to qualify into the races. The attendance varies at each race, but anywhere from around 60 to 80 riders show up to try and qualify each weekend. They take the top 36 riders from the two practice sessions straight to the show and the rest of the riders compete in a Last Chance Qualifier race (LCQ) where the top 4 advance to the show. It is very hard to qualify for a Pro National and I was very glad to qualify for all twelve rounds this summer.


LTN:  Who do you ride for currently and what bike are you on


Josh:  Currently I ride for my title sponsor, “HD Supply White Cap” on a Husqvarna 250. Husqvarna is an older brand that stopped making motorcycles for a few years, but they recently returned to the motorcycle industry and they have one of the best bikes on the market!


LTN:  Describe the start and what goes through your mind prior to the gate drop


Josh: The start is always the most nerve-wracking part of the race! For anyone unfamiliar with motocross, at the start 40 riders line up behind a starting gate. The gate drops and all 40 riders take off as fast as they can, headed for the first turn. It’s very dangerous and sketchy, but that’s what makes it exciting! Before the race I try to warm up and get my blood flowing. Then I say a quick prayer and I visualize myself self-riding the track and think about the lines I’m going to take.




LTN:  What do you have to do in order to pick up a factory ride


Josh:  You have to be a proven front running rider to earn a factory ride. As a privateer I pay for my own bikes and I fund my program with help from HD Supply and my sponsors. The factory teams provide everything needed for their riders. Free bikes, parts, travel money, a full semi- truck to pit out of and lot more! It is a major advantage to ride for a factory team because they have so many more resources available to them. But there are only a few spots available on each team and tough to get in with them! For me to earn a ride with one of those teams I will have to beat the factory riders consistently next year to show the teams I’m worth a shot.


LTN:  What goals have you set for yourself for next season?


Josh:  My goals for next season are to earn my Supercross license, qualify for a Supercross main event and to finish in the top 20 at all twelve of the outdoor nationals. It’s not going to be easy, but with hard work, dedication and a solid program I can accomplish these goals.


LTN:  How does racing impact your family?


Josh:  Racing has been a part of my family my whole life! I first started riding with my brother when I was 6 and he was 3 and we haven’t stopped since then! We started racing locally soon after my Dad bought our first bikes and every year since then we have gotten more and more serious about it. I’m 20 years old now and my brother Michael is 17. We both train and ride together full time in southern California and our whole life evolves around racing and preparing for the next event!


LTN:  If you were not racing motocross, what career path would you have chosen?


Josh:  I’m not sure exactly what career path I would’ve chose if I wasn’t racing. My Dad owns a construction company and I could see myself working for him someday. Right now I’m 20 and I’m working hard to make a career out of racing Motocross professionally. It’s not easy to make a living in most action sports and motocross isn’t any different! It’s very expensive to ride and race dirt bikes. I have to cherish the opportunities I have every moment I can because I’m lucky to be able to race professional with the support of my parents and sponsors. But, if I don’t start making money soon, I won’t be able to race for long!


LTN:  When your brother Michael Mosiman lines up on the gate with you next season, what kind of an impact will that have on how you treat each other on and off the track?


It will be different to race my brother full time! He’s one of the fastest riders in the country and it’s always tough for me to beat him! We are very competitive but at the end of the day we are still brothers and we don’t let our competitive spirits affect our relationship. We push each other and make each other better!


LTN:  During the offseason, what do you do for fun?


Josh:  During the offseason I like to ride my mountain bike, road bike and hang out with friends. We don’t get much of an offseason but I try to keep it fun during the season so that I don’t get burned out!


LTN:  A lot of young riders have dreams and aspirations of becoming a professional motocross racer. What advice can you offer to a young rider who wants to become a professional motocross racer?


My advice to any young rider that dreams of becoming a pro would be to find a riding coach with lots of experience and utilize him to guide you in the right direction. Motocross is a brutal sport and it’s very important to know someone with lots of experience. If you find the right person they’ll be able to help improve your riding technique, make you faster and safer. They’ll also be able to give you advice on which races you need to attend and they can introduce you to potential sponsors.


LTN: What sponsors do you want to thank for supporting you this season?


Josh: I would like to thank HD Supply White Cap, FOX, FMF, Scott Goggles, Dunlop, John Burr Cycles, Twisted Development, Factory Connection, Lucas Oil, 2XU, Twin Air, Pro Taper, Guts Racing Seats, Moto Master Brakes, TCR, Motopro Graphics, Eddie Casillas, Nathan Ramsey, my parents and my friends and family! I also would like to thank Simon Cudby from Racer X for the riding shots and Forrest Templin for my other photos.

LTN:  How can people follow you on social media

        Instagram & Twitter: @JoshMosiman


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