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IWC’s Portugieser Hand-Wound 8 Days Edition “75th Anni”

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: March 5, 2015 IWC's Portugieser Hand-Wound 8 Days Edition "75th Anni"

IWC’s Portugieser Hand-Wound 8 Days Edition “75th Anni”

IWC has created a hit, how the company did it is a great engineering accomplishment. 

Creating the 75th anniversary edition of a well-known watch like the Portugieser is a tasks that is difficult to do well, and easy to totally flub up. Just 1 wrong new feature or a lame attempt at achieving a “Vintage” look, and the whole thing comes across cartoonish. What makes this watch great is how balanced and even-handed the design is. Even if it was not a Anni-edition, people would take 2nd looks I believe.

At 43mm, the original Portugieser from 1939 was large for the time, and the 75th Anniversary model is exactly the same size. This means that for the chaps who are onboard with the modern big-watch trend, it won’t appear off, while the vintage lovers can recount this detail to anyone who notices them wearing one.

There is also the vintage International Watch Co. logo, in script, at 12 o’clock instead of the modern serifed IWC. Other brands, like TAG Heuer, have found a lot of success with with vintage logos, and it is a little detail that makes the whole feel in harmony.




Aesthetics aside, the watch also sits in a technical sweet spot.

The movement is an in-house caliber, meaning IWC designed it and makes it itself, something that’s almost a requirement for collectors today. It is manually wound, has an 8-day power reserve, and the seconds “hack” when you pull the crown, letting you set it precisely to the sec.

The finishing on the movement is nice and catches the light, but it still has that slightly industrial feel that sets IWC apart. Overall the movement is nice, but not so ornate or technically complex as to intimidate, or to drive the price of the watch too high.




The date window tucked into the subdial at 6 O’clock is unnecessary and the only deviation from the original Y 1939 Portuguese.




There are 2 75th Anni models.

The 1st is stainless steel with a black dial, limited to 750 pieces at US$11,500, and the 2nd a Red Gold (pictured above) version with a silver dial limited to 175 pieces at US$22,000.

For both, the Limited Editions are noted with a “One of 750” or “One of 175” engraving on the caseback, meaning there will be no questions over who gets the best and worst numbers.

Expect people to where this watch.

Stay tuned.


Paul Ebeling

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