Investing in Commodities

Investing in Commodities

It is no secret that the global commodity market is a safe haven when equities are retreating. Commodities as a contingency for all to diversify the volatility of the global equity market and offer great avenues for growth through hedging, speculation, futures and options contracts as well as solid buy for future generations in tandem with a healthy exposure to profitably contribute to the growing demand of increased food security.

Though our extensive network of partners, associates and collaborators we offer additional outlets and channels for which commodity producers can broker and Access the right buyer or seller for their product.

Our traders source a range of physical commodities from third-party suppliers including Energy products, Minerals and Agricultural Commodities.

Our activities are connected to value-added services such as freight, insurance, financing and storage.

Our customer base is highly diversified, with a high proportion of long-term commercial relationships. Our ability to arrange for short- and long-term financing for both customers and suppliers provides us with long-term demand for, and supply of, physical commodities depending on geographical location and financial position.

Many of these markets are fragmented or periodically volatile. As a result, price discrepancies often occur between the prices at which commodities can be bought or sold in different geographic locations or time periods. Other factors include weight and product quality.

These pricing discrepancies can offer us arbitrage opportunities based on our ability to source, transport, blend, store or otherwise process the relevant commodities. While these strategies vary from commodity to commodity, the main opportunities can be generally described as hedging.

We mitigate any credit (including performance) risk in relation to suppliers and customers through systematically applying measures such as credit insurance, letters of credit, security arrangements, or bank and corporate guarantees.

We also leverage our network of global offices, which have direct access to, and keep close relationships with, our customers and suppliers.

We can assist entities manage market exposure to acceptably low levels by reducing price risks arising from timing differences between buying and selling commodities. We have comprehensive risk management systems and procedures in place to monitor these activities, established over the past 40 years. Similarly, we have extensive compliance policies and procedures, and use third-party screening software systems to manage compliance with sanctions and other regulations.

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