Over 50 Workout: Get the Brad Pitt Body

Posted by: : Tony PorchiaPosted on: October 21, 2014 Over 50 Workout: Get the Brad Pitt Body

Get Brad Pitt Body

It seems as if in every movie that Brad Pitt is in there is always the obligatory shirtless scene. Who could blame him right? The Fury star has a beach body that many men envy and every woman fawns over. It takes balance to achieve a lean muscular body such as this. It’s not impossible by any means but depending on where you are in you fitness journey, it may require a little more attention to detail.

My first “look like Brad Pitt” advice is to stick to the 12-16 rep range with all of your exercises. This is the sweet spot for building that lean beach body look. Next, super set everything. A split that I’m currently using is: Chest & back, biceps & triceps, legs & shoulders. There is a method behind the way a superset should be set up, but a good rule to follow is to try not over fatigue a muscle group that you will be working as a prime mover the next day. When you superset, you are elevating your heart rate, burning more calories, increasing your endurance and spending less time in the gym. As always I will remind you to choose a weight that becomes very challenging at the bottom of the chosen rep range. In this case, that would be 12.

I can almost guarantee that Brad Pitt is on a high protein diet. A diet high in protein has been proven to slim the waist. If you are going to indulge in non-vegetable carbohydrates, consume them first thing in the morning, right before working out and/or immediately after working out. This way the carbohydrates will be put to use. If you’ve read my other articles you know I am a big fan of discovering your resting metabolic rate. Starting there to find out how many calories you need to take in to lose the predetermined amount of pounds per week. Once you know that, just make sure to stay under the calories allowed for that day.

Now when it comes to cardio everybody’s body responds differently. To mirror Brad Pitt’s body I suggest doing fasted cardio in the morning, steady state immediately after working out, then going for an evening brisk walk. Stair climber is one if my favorites as well for after you workout. You don’t want to do so much cardio that it makes it impossible to hold.

Although this is just a surface level article today, if you follow these principles you will be walking around without a shirt on just to show off your hard work.

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