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$GDXJ Option: Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners (NYSEArca:GDXJ)ETF

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: November 22, 2013 $GDXJ Option: Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners (NYSEArca:GDXJ)ETF

$GDXJ Option: Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners (NYSEArca:GDXJ)ETF

Fund Summary

The investment seeks to replicate the Market Vectors® Global Junior Gold Miners Index.

The fund normally invests at least 80% of its total assets in securities that comprise the fund benchmark index. It will normally invest at least 80% of its total assets in companies that are involved in the gold mining industry.

The Junior Gold Miners Index includes companies that generate at least 50% of their revenues from Gold mining and/or Silver mining or have mining projects with the potential to generate at least 50% of their revenues from Gold and/or Silver when developed.

The fund is non-diversified.

Phone: 888-658-8287

Headlines: Gold Hits Multi-Month Low After Federal Reserve Talks Taper

Option Alert

A new 3-month trading record was established on both the Call and Put side for shares of Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF.A total of 9,123 Call and 10,107 Put Option contracts were traded raising a high Put/Call Volume alert.There were 1.1 puts traded for each call contract yielding a 1.11 Put/Call Ratio (PCR).An increase in Option trading volume of a stock’s option often is a signal of movement by the underlying stock.

In such instances, PCRs can be used as an investor sentiment indicator, where a high PCR implies that the overall investor sentiment is Bearish and a low PCR  implies that the sentiment is Bullish.
Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF finished at 33.38, down 1.62 (4.63%) in Wednesday’s trading session.

Wednesday’s trading range was: 33.02 – 34.93.

Wednesday’s volume: 2-M/shrs is above the average 90 day volume of 1-M/shrs.

GDXJ is trading below its 50-Day MA and above its 200-Day MA.

The stock’s 52 week trading range is: 32.84 -90.24.

Analyst’s Recomendation: Buy Early Call

Performance Metrics
Week Month Quarter Half Year Year
0.09% 8.74% 27.55% 20.60% 59.07%
Analysis Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bearish (-0.31) Bearish (-0.38) Bearish (-0.33) Neutral (-0.22)

Recent CandleStick Analysis     Neutral

Open Gaps
Direction Date Range
down 18 Nov 2013 35.84 to 35.76
down  7 Nov 2013 36.87 to 36.64
down  1 Nov 2013 37.52 to 37.49
down 20 Sept 2013 44.83 to 44.74
down 10 Sept 2013 47.12 to 45.97
Technical Indicators
Ind. short Inter Long
FIB Be Be Be
Highs VBe N N
Lows VBu N N
Trends N N N
Stoch. VBe
VBu=Very Bullish,    Bu=Bullish
Be=Bearish,    VBe=Very Bearish
Type Value Conf.
resist. 53.52 2
resist. 50.00 2
resist. 47.93 2
resist. 45.84 2
resist. 44.67 5
resist. 41.48 2
resist. 40.88 2
resist. 38.58 3
resist. 36.69 15
resist. 34.86 3
supp 33.04 2


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