Fishing News: Gulfstream Yachts Unveils New 52 Foot Center Console

Fishing News: Gulfstream Yachts Unveils New 52 Foot Center Console

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, Gulfstream Yachts has collaborated with renowned super yacht designers Setzer Yacht Architects along with Michael Peters Yacht Design and their patented Stepped “V” Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) hull technology to give the Gulfstream Yachts 52 the feature set of a larger yacht packaged into a center console boat. In addition to being an outstanding boat for standalone operations, the Gulfstream Yachts 52 is the ultimate multipurpose yacht tender.

We have witnessed the center console market gravitate toward ever larger boats and, while our competitors have introduced some great boats in recent years, almost all of them are simply larger versions of the layout that has existed for decades. Gulfstream Yachts set out to take the design to a whole new level with our 52.

Customer feedback led us to the conclusion that boaters are tired of being hot, cold, windblown or wet on their current boats and are looking for a better alternative. It has also been our observation that people love being on the front of a boat yet many boat designs make access to the bow area difficult or dangerous.

Our solution to those shortcomings was to create a boat with a fully enclosed space for the helm and passenger seating equipped with air conditioning and heat. The enclosure provides access to the below deck facilities and lower cabin without being exposed to the elements and creates room to sleep four people in two separate areas. Finally, the 52 offers true walkaround capabilities with high gunnels for safe and easy passage to all areas of the boat.

The Gulfstream Yachts 52 is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the needs of the most serious angler or a more refined version is available for cruising. The large cockpit and forward sunpad offer ample outdoor space. The boat has also been designed so that it can be configured to accommodate our commercial, government, military, fire and law enforcement customers.

The Gulfstream Yachts 52 is, of course, unsinkable just like everything we build. All of our boats are three piece boats bonded and through bolted together for extra durability. Even though that construction technique costs us more to build, we believe it is far superior to two piece boats because it offers the safety of additional “toe kick” space, allows additional hardware to be added later without penetrating the foam cavity, and enables passengers to step onto wide gunnel caps when boarding from a higher dock.

We believe that the Gulfstream Yachts 52 represents the logical evolution of the center console boat and look forward to sharing additional details at the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Our display will be located at Bahia Mar C/D Dock Space 2A.

Gulfstream Yachts 52 Specifications:
Length – 52 feet
Width – 15 feet
Power – Three to five outboard motors

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