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Emma Heffernan Success in Miami Bikini Shop‏

Posted by: : Shayne HeffernanPosted on: March 12, 2015 Emma Heffernan Success in Miami Bikini Shop‏

Emma Heffernan Success in Miami Bikini Shop

International Entrepreneur Emma Heffernan turned Swimwear designer several years ago in Phuket, just a hobby for family and friends in the beginning up on arrival in Miami Emma launched Miami Bikini Shop the house of the sexiest Swimwear on the planet and soon to launch in the Lingerie, Hair Care and Skin Care Markets.

“Miami Bikini Shop is all about the beach and life in the sun, whether you live or visit, the sun and saltwater are demanding in a fashion sense and they their toll on your hair and skin” Emma Heffernan said in a recent interview.

For us girls hitting the beach is hard work, diet, exercise and wardrobe choices are difficult, trying to look great in a relatively small piece of clothing requires a good deal of dedication that can be ruined by poor cut, low quality fabrics or dated design, at Miami Bikini Shop we set trends in Swimwear to help women look their best on the beach” she added.

Launched in late 2014 Miami Bikini Shop now has booming online sales and customers in no less than 40 countries, in 2015 the Brand will appear in Music Videos, Film and Television and mainstream media.

The roll out of the next range of product lines is a closely guarded secret but Emma has named Lingerie, Haircare and Skincare as areas she intends to enter in 2015, the haircare line has already secured purchase orders from one of the world’s largest retailers.

As for international expansion Emma is focused on Miami, Dubai and Singapore, cities she is intimately familiar with and has existing business.

Emma’s line of top end swimwear and her Badass Beach Babes brand will also roll out in the coming year.

About Miami Bikini Shop
Recently launched as a luxury online boutique, Miami Bikini Shop is set to become a leading luxury lifestyle retailer.

The Miami Bikini Shop brand was created for those who want to enjoy the carefree resort life everyday.

Miami Bikini Shop offers a hand-picked collection of luxury designer apparel and accessories that make you glamorous and sensual.

Our designer, buyer and founder, Emma Heffernan was born on the beach, Australia’s Gold Coast to be precise, and has been on the beach pretty much ever since.

A keen artist and athlete in her youth Emma dreamed of being a gymnast or dancer, but like so many young people, was encouraged in to a more traditional profession and found herself in business school.

After business school Emma tried her hand in several offices but her business career was interrupted when she met and married her husband.

A whirlwind romance, a great deal of turmoil and 3 children followed very quickly and Emma’s career became an impossibility due to the family’s hectic travel and business schedule. Instead Emma concentrated on her early passion, the arts.

Emma has won awards for her art/design, created book covers for publishers, developed branding and advertising concepts and became a sought after Art director for projects. She has also developed the family art collection including works by some of the worlds most famous artists, she has said many times how much of her inspiration comes from the great artists of various genre.

In the last 17 years Emma has lived in 8 countries, raised 3 children and became an accomplished entrepreneur and artist with ongoing business in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the USA.

” I am fortunate to have seen life from inside resorts in vastly different locations, Shangri La Hong Kong, Marriott Bangkok,Laguna Phuket, Puente Romano Beach Resort Marbella, Le Meridien Vanuatu, Benabola Puerto Banus are some of the place I have called home, it really gave me an insight in to resort life and the art/fashion that accentuates that life” Emma said in a recent interview.

“what I discovered was simplicity, I only want 3 things when I am in a resort, I want to look totally stunning, feel completely comfortable
and I want to be able to achieve it in minutes” she added.

How is that possible? Emma says it is not so hard, have a wardrobe of stylish classic clothes, have a HUGE accessory collection, maintain a mostly Raw Food, Organic lifestyle and exercise daily.

A Raw Food, Organic lifestyle combined with daily exercise keeps you looking and feeling at your best.

Taking time to select quality fashion items that are truly timeless means your wardrobe is always easy to manage.

Accessories, the more the better, whatever it is you wear, on any given day, it is the accessories that make you the artist and allow that finished look to be 100% you.

Emma has developed a unique sense of what art/fashion is and how it fits in the modern world.

Emma is fast becoming known for her timeless, elegant designs and trademark classic beach style.

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