Donald Trump, “How Stupid are We to ‘Launder’ $400-M in Cash to Iran?”

Donald Trump, “How Stupid are We to ‘Launder’ $400-M in Cash to Iran?”

Donald Trump, “How Stupid are We to ‘Launder’ $400-M in Cash to Iran?”

Thursday, Donald Trump said there is a video of $400-M in cash being unloaded off a plane in Tehran, and that he has seen it.

Speaking to a crowd of supporters in Portland, Maine, the GOP presidential nominee joined other members of his party in condemning the transfer of funds from the US government to Iran on the same day four Americans were released.

“How stupid are we?” Donald Trump said of the transfer of funds that he said was used either to line the pockets of Iranian officials or to fund terrorism. “Probably a combination of both,” he said.

The WS-J reported that the transfer of hard cash was made in Euros and Swiss francs and was delivered in an unmarked cargo plane on wooden pallets to Tehran.

The Obama Administration said the timing of the payment and the release of the Americans were coincidental and that the money was a down payment on a settlement of a longstanding legal dispute with Iran.

“You know, it was interesting because a tape was made,” he said. “You saw that with the airplane coming in. Nice plane. The airplane coming in. And the money coming off, I guess. Right? That was given to us, has to be by the Iranians. You know why the tape was given to us? Because they want to embarrass our country. They want to embarrass our country. They want to embarrass our president. Because we have a president who’s incompetent. They want to embarrass they want to embarrass our President. I mean who would ever think that they would be taking all of this money off the plane and then providing us with a tape?”

The money transfer did occur, no media outlets have video of it. But media outlets have been showing footage accompanying the story of the released Americans getting off a jet plane in Geneva, Switzerland. The video is of a different type of plane and was not in Tehran, as  DonaldTrump describes.


US President Barack Hussein Obama ranted Thursday about a story that detailed the transfer of $400-M in cash to Iran the same day 4 American hostages were freed from the country.

“What we have is the manufacturing of outrage in a story that we disclosed in January,” Mr. Obama said at a Pentagon news conference. “And the only bit of news that is relevant on this is the fact that we paid cash.”

In January, Mr. Obama referred to the resolution of the Y 1979 arms dispute without disclosing the $400-M cash payment by saying that “with the nuclear deal done, prisoners released, the time was right to resolve this dispute as well.”

Mr. Obama says he does not understand why the cash payment to Iran is a news story.

In an interview Thursday former NYC Mayor said the cash transfer to Iran was money laundering.

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