Donald Trump Could/May/Will Erase All of Obama’s Executive Orders at Once

Donald Trump Could/May/Will Erase All of Obama’s Executive Orders at Once

Donald Trump Could/May/Will Erase All of Obama’s Executive Orders at Once

There is the possibility that President Donald Trump could rescind all of the ER’s (executive orders) signed by President Barack Hussein Obama at one time, according to his economic adviser Stephen Moore said Friday.

In a TV interview Friday, Mr.Moore was asked how President Trump might deal with the ER’s Mr. Obama had signed during his 8-year Presidency.

“I think that when President Obama leaves, and President Trump enters the Oval Office, there will be dozens and dozens of executive orders on his desk rescinding so many if not all of the executive orders that Obama has signed,” Mr. Moore said.


“And by the way, here is an interesting idea I want to place in your mind. Technically, rather than having to sign 150 executive orders, what Donald Trump could do and there’s some talk of this, he could simply sign one executive order that says, ‘I hereby rescind every executive order from 2009-2016.’

“You want to talk about liberating the economy? Getting rid of all of those regulations?”

Mr. Moore added that Donald Trump would not likely get rid of every order that has been signed, and it is more realistic that he will “pick and choose” which ones to rescind.

The idea of taking all of the orders away with one signature is an interesting notion now being considered by the incoming administration, Mr. Moore said.


I wrote last month that President Trump will take actions to rescind Barack Hussein Obama’s directives after he takes office on January 20th.

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