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Documents Point To US Arming Of al-Qaida Militants In Benghazi

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: April 24, 2014 Documents Point To US Arming Of al-Qaida Militants In Benghazi


Documents Point To US Arming Of al-Qaida Militants In Benghazi

The US  government was complicit in arming al-Qaida militants in Libya, according to the Citizens Commission on Benghazi, it was reported Wednesday.

An investigative commission that includes former top military officers and CIA officials say the United States is partly to blame for the deadly Y 2012 attacks in Benghazi.

“Remember, these weapons that came into Benghazi were permitted to enter by our armed forces, who were blockading the approaches from air and sea,” Clare Lopez, a member of the commission and a former CIA officer, told the press. 

“The intelligence community was part of that, the Department of State was part of that, and certainly that means that the top leadership of the United States, our national security leadership, and potentially Congress, if they were briefed on this  also knew about this.”

The United States failed to stop a $500-M United Arab Emirates (UAE) arms shipment from reaching al-Qaida militants in Libya, according to Ms. Lopez. The weapons, according to the report, were bound for Col. Gadhafi, but were allowed by the United States to go to his Islamist opposition. 

The United States “switched sides,” Ms. Lopez said.

In doing so, the commission’s report states, the “White House and senior congressional members deliberately and knowingly pursued a policy that provided material support to terrorist organizations in order to topple a ruler, Col. Gadhafi, who had been working closely with the West actively to suppress” al-Qaida.

“Some look at it as treason,” said Wayne Simmons, a former CIA officer who participated in the commission’s research. 

Accuracy in Media sponsored The Citizens Commission on Benghazi. He appealed to the media to investigate the commission’s findings.

“We do not claim to have all the answers here,” he said to the press. “Please, pursue this. Check it out. Challenge us.”

Accuracy in Media and the commission spent 7 months investigating the 9/11, 2012, fatal attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and another US diplomat, as well as a second attack at a nearby CIA annex that killed 2 embassy security personnel and injured several others.

The group used the Freedom of Information Act to request scores of documents from the US Defense Department, State Department, the FBI, and the CIA.

“But most of its information has come from insiders with deep knowledge of the flow of weapons in Libya and elsewhere in the African Maghreb,” according to the report.

A senior FBI source told Adm. James “Ace” Lyons that militants planned to kidnap Stevens and then demand a swap for Omar Abdel-Rahman, an Egyptian Muslim extremist, according to report. 

Abdel-Rahman is serving a life sentence in federal prison for seditious conspiracy for his role in planning the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi pledged to press the United States for Abdel-Rahman’s release, the W-Post reported last year.

The Citizens Commission on Benghazi has asked for a select congressional committee to investigate its findings, a 189 House members have signed a bill to create the bipartisan committee, House Speaker John Boehner has blocked it. 

The committee would have “sweeping powers to subpoena the executive branch.”

According to a commission member, retired Rear Adm. Chuck Kubic, the weapons haul from UAE is now in Syria.

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