$CRM, $CSCO, $QCOM UBS Research, The Top Technology Stocks To Buy

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: November 21, 2013 $CRM, $CSCO, $QCOM UBS Research, The Top Technology Stocks To Buy

$CRM, $CSCO, $QCOM UBS Research, The Top Technology Stocks To Buy


The UBS technology conference is one of the best and biggest on Wall St, it provides the technology analysts at the firm a chance to reassess the company’s stocks they cover and make sure their thesis for owning each stock is valid.

In its new research report, the technology team at UBS (NYSE:UBS)  reaffirms their work on some of the top technology stocks covered.

With industry capital expenditures expected to rise in Y 2014 after years of flat/soft growth, many firms are Bullish on the technology sector.

Below are some UBS  Tech Buy recommendations, as follows;

Salesforce.com Inc. (NYSE: CRM) continues to report solid earnings reports. The company newest product, Salesforce 1 with the Key focus a mobile 1st approach, enabling quick and easy development of mobile apps with much deeper access to CRM app functionality. The UBS price target for the stock is 66. The Thomson/First Call price target is 65. Salesforce closed Wednesday at 53.61, +0.87.

Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) posted disappointing earnings, and Wall St is taking a wait and see approach. The UBS analysts are looking past the poor Quarter and expect new product offerings to help drive sales in Y 2014. Investors are paid a solid 3.2% dividend. The UBS price target for the network giant is 26.50, the consensus is down just under 25. Cisco closed Wednesday at 21.23, -0.19.

Qualcomm Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) has positive revenue growth from increasing smartphone sales. The company debuted a line of new mobile chips that are used for fast data transfer in top-tier smartphones and should begin sampling by manufacturing customers early next year. Qualcomm is the world’s leading mobile chipmaker, and way ahead of Intel and smaller rivals in LTE technology. Investors receive a 1.9% dividend. UBS has a 74 price target for the stock. The consensus is posted at 75.50. The stock closed Wednesday at 71.03, -0.81.

Fusion-io Inc. (NYSE: FIO)  one of the up and coming leaders in flash memory, but the stock price and performance has been painful to its shareholders. New products designed to serve across a vast array of servers are being well received by the company’s clients. UBS has a 15 price target for the stock, while the consensus price target is closer to 13. The stock was over 20 previously, and Fusion-io closed Wednesday at 10.18, +0.15.

Lam Research Corp. (NASDAQ: LRCX) is a leader in the chip capital equipment sector. The company expects wafer fab equipment spending to rise by 10% Y-Y. Trading at a low 12.5 times the UBS Y 2015 earnings numbers, the company is one of the top stocks to buy in the sector. The UBS price target is placed at 66. The consensus price target is at 62. Lam Research closed Wednesday at 49.75, -0.47 .

Juniper Networks Inc. (NYSE: JNPR) was upbeat at the UBS conference over its new partnership arrangement with cloud software giant VMware. The UBS team cites Juniper as another very cheap multiple play for Y 2014 and beyond. The UBS price target for the stock is 26, and the consensus is at 23. Juniper closed Wednesday at $19.90, +0.50

Palo Alto Networks Inc. (NYSE: PANW) and Juniper are in a patent case with a ruling expected in the coming months. The founders of the company are former Juniper employees, and Wall St does not know which way the trial and ruling could end. UBS still likes the stock and has a 57 price target. The consensus target is at 58. Palo Alto closed Wednesday at $43.98, +0.07.

Technology stocks are in favor on Wall St through 2014.

They are extremely cheap compared to other sectors of the broad market, they tend to rarely have any large amounts of long-term debt to look after.

Participants looking for portfolio growth in Y 2014 should look to the top technology stocks for inclusion in their holdings according to UBS’ analysts.


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