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Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) Will Fight New York Mortgage Securities Case

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: December 30, 2014 Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) Will Fight New York Mortgage Securities Case

Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) Will Fight New York Mortgage Securities Case


Credit Suisse Group AG indicates that it will fight a US lawsuit that accuses the giant Swiss bank of deceiving investors in mortgage-backed securities it once issued.

A New York State Supreme Court justice last week rejected the Zurich-based bank’s request to dismiss the case, in which New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman accuses the bank of misrepresenting the quality of loans underlying residential mortgage-backed securities sponsored and underwritten by Credit Suisse in Ys 2006 and 2007.

Investors suffered $11.2-B in losses on the securities, according to AG Schneiderman’s lawsuit, which stems from a joint federal-state working group created by President Barack HusseinObama to go after wrongdoing that led to the Y 2008 financial crisis.

“We will appeal this particular decision and continue to defend ourselves in this case,” Credit Suisse said in a statement last Thursday after the rejection of its request for the case to be dismissed.

The US government’s examination of financial crisis-era mortgage abuses is now Credit Suisse’s biggest legal worry, after it in May set aside a years-long US probe into its dealings with Americans evading taxes by pleading guilty to a criminal charge and agreeing to pay more than $2.5-B in penalties.

In October Credit Suisse said it added a net CHF 390-M Swiss francs ($395-M) to its litigation provisions in Q-3 without saying what the provision was for.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE: CS 25.53 Dec-29-2014 -0.44 25.52 25.72 25.52 859,100
HeffX-LTN Analysis for CS:  Overall Short Intermediate Long
Neutral (-0.15) Neutral (0.23) Bearish (-0.38) Bearish (-0.29)
Recent CandleStick Analysis
Very Bullish
Date Candle
29 Dec-2014 Inverted Hammer
26 Dec-2014 Homing Pigeon
Open Gaps
Direction Date range
up 18 Dec-2014 25.43 to 25.51
down 29 Dec-2014 25.94 to 25.72
down 12 Dec-2014 26.03 to 25.96

Untitled  cs

Support and Resistance
Type Value Conf.
resist. 29.41 2
resist. 29.13 2
resist. 28.82 3
resist. 28.62 4
resist. 28.08 3
resist. 27.81 3
resist. 27.22 2
resist. 26.91 8
resist. 26.64 2
resist. 26.45 4
resist. 26.27 4
resist. 25.86 13
supp 25.43 4
supp 24.79 4
HeffX-LTN Chart Indicators
Ind. Short Inter Long
Fibs Be VBe VBe
Highs N Be VBe
Lows VBu N N
Trends N N N
Stoch. N
VBu=Very Bullish,    Bu=Bullish
Be=Bearish,    VBe=Very Bearish

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