Computer App Lets You Invest Whenever President Trump Mentions a Company

Computer App Lets You Invest Whenever President Trump Mentions a Company

Computer App Lets You Invest Whenever President Trump Mentions a Company


Want to keep up with President Donald Trump’s Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) feed and how it will sway your investment decisions, but cannot?

Hang on, now there’s an app for that.

Programmer Max Braun’s app, called Trump2Cash, “watches Trump’s feed and does a sentiment analysis on any Tweet mentioning a public company,” it was reported Friday.

“With the rise of algorithmic stock trading it’s gotten harder and harder for humans to actually trade strategically. However, now that Trump’s chaotic twitter feed can make or break a company with a single mention, you can easily trade against positive or negative sentiment,” the report explained.

“Check out the benchmark report. It’s essentially a test run that shows you how the algorithm performs on past tweets and market data. You’ll see that it sometimes misses a company or gets a sentiment wrong, but it also gets it right a lot. The trading strategy sometimes leaves you up and sometimes down,” Mr. Braun wrote.

“Overall, the algorithm seems to succeed more often than not: The simulated fund has an annualized return of about 59% since inception. There are limits to the simulation and the underlying data, so take it all with a grain of salt,” he cautioned.

President Trump is injecting himself into the daily business of US companies to an unprecedented extent, spurring investors and executives to weigh their exposure to his wrath when making decisions.

Not even 3 weeks into Donald Trump’s Presidency, the moves fit a familiar pattern in his dealings with companies: do what President Trump wants, or face a Presidential rebuke.

Damned if you do, Damned if you do not.

Have a terrific weekend.

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