Clinton Email Corruption Disqualifies Her From Seeking Presidency

Clinton Email Corruption Disqualifies Her From Seeking Presidency

Here is what Donald Trump Said:

The new revelations about Hillary Clinton from the just-released FBI documents make more clear than ever that she fails to meet the minimum standard for running for public office. If she applied for a low-level job at the State Department today she couldn’t even get a security clearance.

Her conduct is disqualifying.

Let’s run through what we discovered in those FBI documents. It’s important, and we’re hoping Matt Lauer will ask about it on Wednesday night at the Townhall.

It’s clear from the FBI report that Hillary Clinton lied about her handling of confidential information. She repeatedly told the country that she understood the classified system, then she told the FBI she didn’t understand that the letter “C” meant confidential in the documents she emailed.

On 39 separate occasions she said she couldn’t recall details about her mishandling of classified information, and she couldn’t even name one step she took to make sure foreign hackers couldn’t get into her server. Keep in mind, that her insecure emails included emails about the drone program.

It’s also clear from the FBI report that Hillary Clinton and her top aides knowingly destroyed evidence and covered-up their actions. After her private server was revealed last March, her staff deleted all the emails and wiped it clean using a software designed to prevent any recovery, called BleachBit.

They used hammers to destroy phones so they couldn’t be turned over later – and by the way, who uses 12 different phones in 4 years? The only people who use that many phones are usually involved in very, very shady activity.

People who have nothing to hide don’t smash phones with hammers. People who have nothing to hide don’t bleach their emails, or destroy evidence to keep it from being publicly archived as required under federal law.

Hillary Clinton failed to turn over thousands of documents, then tried to shield her criminal conduct by having her chief-of-staff declare herself to be Hillary Clinton’s private attorney.

Hillary and her top aides told the FBI and others in related lawsuits that they couldn’t recall or remember key facts hundreds of different times – and that’s in addition to the guy who set up the server pleading the 5th.

No one takes all the risks Hillary Clinton took unless they are trying to cover up massive crimes.

Hillary Clinton was using the State Department to dole out special favors and access to her friends and donors.

It’s called pay-for-play.

One example of pay-for-play is what the Clinton’s did in Haiti. Let me stop here for a second and say how much we love and appreciate the Haitian-American community in Florida and across our country. We send our prayers to the many still suffering in Haiti from the earthquake.

But while Haiti has suffered, the Clintons and their pals have cashed in.

Bill and Hillary’s brothers have signed housing deals in Haiti, and one wound up on the board of a gold mining company.

Clinton Foundation donors have seen the Clintons pave the way for their investments.

In one deal, Hillary Clinton set aside environmental and labor rules to help a South Korean company with a record of violating workers’ rights set up what amounts to a sweat shop in Haiti. The facility has produced only a fraction of the jobs it promised and faces reports of wage theft.

People are asking: where did all the money go?

This November, it is up to the American people to stop the Clintons from raiding America the way they have raided so many other people and places.

One of the groups in America that have been harmed the most by Hillary Clinton’s policies are African-Americans. She sees them only as votes, not as people worthy of a better future.

Many African-Americans have succeeded so greatly in this country, we will honor and protect their achievements. That includes lowering taxes for our small business owners to fifteen percent.

But millions of African-Americans in our inner cities remain trapped in poverty, joblessness and failing schools.

The Democratic Party has run the inner cities for fifty, sixty, seventy years and more.

4 in 10 African-American children in poverty, including 45% of those under the age of six.

58% of African-American youth are not working.

2,900 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year.

Nationwide, African-Americans are nearly 60% of the murder victims under the age of 22.

This is a national crisis – and anybody who fails to understand that is not fit to seek the Presidency of the United States.

To those suffering in crime and poverty, I say: give Donald J. Trump a chance. What do you have to lose by embracing our platform of change? We are going to bring back your jobs, rebuild your cities, and give parents and students school choice. I will never, ever, ever take you for granted.

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