Christie Brinkley: Beverly Hills city of Wellth

Christie Brinkley: Beverly Hills city of Wellth

Christie Brinkley: Beverly Hills city of Wellth

A Citywide Initiative Highlighting The Luxury Destination’s World-Class Health And Wellness Offerings. Kicking off with an expert panel discussion featuring Supermodel and Actress, Christie Brinkley, the city will offer a host of experiences at hotels, restaurants, and spas throughout the summer.

Iconic Supermodel Christie Brinkley, a vegetarian since the age 14 and committed to an organic lifestyle, expresses her appreciation of the initiative stating, “I’m thrilled to be involved with the launch of the City of WELLTH. A healthy, holistic lifestyle has been intrinsic to my long career in the fashion and beauty industry. A balanced approach to diet, exercise and mindfulness is the key to happiness and life long vitality. Wellness is glamorous!”

Welcome to Beverly Hills: City of WELLTH!
Derived from the term ‘wealth,’ which refers to a large amount of money, possessions and other riches, ‘WELLTH’ represents a new, less materialistic and more valuable life currency that encompasses wellness and is exemplified by health, purpose and happiness. WELLTH can be achieved by incorporating the five core building blocks into your daily life: Move, Eat, Restore, Gratitude and Explore.

“The shifting status quo of how success is now perceived in terms of health and wellbeing, rather than through material and financial wealth, means the desire for WELLTH is now a key factor in people’s choice of travel destination. Beverly Hills: City of WELLTH exemplifies the destination’s continual innovation to create inviting options for visitors, and places wellbeing at the forefront of its world-class accommodation, dining, and spa and offerings,” comments Julie Wagner, CEO of Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau.

Wellthy meals are also available at a number of participating restaurants in Beverly Hills, showcasing specials that fall under one or more criteria: locally sourced, plant-based, vegan, paleo or utilizing meat that is grass-fed or hormone-free. Restaurants and cafes are listed below and can also be found at


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