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China Aviods West’s Iran Sanctions, Funds Development

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: November 3, 2013 China Aviods West's Iran Sanctions, Funds Development

China avoids West’s Iran Sanctions, Funds Development


A report by the  Iranian media Saturday said  China agreed to finance $20-B  in development projects in Iran using Crude Oil money not transferred to it because of international sanctions.

The Tasnimnews website published a report Saturday that the deal was reached during talks between Iran’s parliamentary speaker,  and China leaders.

An Iranian government spokesman said last week that some $22-B  of Iranian Crude Oil money is stuck in China because of Western sanctions will be used to finance major national infrastructure projects.

Iran frequently uses Crude Oil barter arrangements to circumvent the sanctions.

China is Iran’s top Crude Oil importer.

Following the Iranian Revolution of Y 1979, the United States imposed sanctions against Iran and expanded them in Y 1995 to include firms dealing with the Iranian regime.
In Y 2006, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1696, and imposed sanctions after Iran refused to suspend its enrichment program. US sanctions initially targeted investments in Crude Oil, Nat Gas and Petrochemicals, exports of refined Petroleum products, and business dealings with the Iranian Republican Guard Corps.
This encompasses banking and insurance transactions (including with the Central Bank of Iran), shipping, web-hosting services for commercial endeavors, and domain name registration services.
Over the years, sanctions have taken a serious toll on Iran’s economy and people.
Since Y 1979, the United States led international efforts to use sanctions to influence Iran’s policies, including Iran’s uranium enrichment program, which Western governments fear is to produce nuclear weapons.
Iran counters that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes, including generating electricity and medical purposes.
Since nuclear talks between Iran and Western governments have  failed, new proposals to enforce stronger economic sanctions on Iran are being discussed.


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