Bombshell: FBI Director Comey, “General Flynn did not lie to FBI”

Bombshell: FBI Director Comey, “General Flynn did not lie to FBI”

Bombshell: FBI Director Comey, “General Flynn did not lie to FBI”

Disgraced, sacked FBI Director, James Comey told Congress last March that the FBI agents who interviewed General Michael Flynn (Ret.), who briefly served in The Trump White House, said General Flynn did not lie to them, which contradicts what the Russia probe has concluded.

A reporter for the Washington Examiner cited 2 sources familiar with meetings Mr. Comey had with lawmakers on Capitol Hill as saying they believed General Flynn was telling the truth when asked about his contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during President Donald Trump’s transition.

An intercept of their phone calls led to the Department of Justice pursuing a Logan Act case against General Flynn.

Ultimately, General Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI by special counsel Robert Mueller, but the WE’s reporting shows that decision came as a surprise to Mr. Comey and others in the bureau.

The 2 FBI agents went to the White House on 24 January  2017 to interview General Flynn, who at the time was President Trump’s national security adviser. He opted to speak with them without a lawyer. The agents’ takeaway from the questioning was that General Flynn was telling the truth and that it was unlikely he would be charged with a crime.

Mr. Comey conveyed that to the lawmakers, and most believed General Flynn was innocent of breaking any laws.

Notably, as President Trump’s national security adviser, it would be normal for General Flynn to speak with members of foreign governments about issues he would be dealing with once the new administration took their good offices.

Robert Mueller’s team, itself under extreme scrutiny, is and has been investigating whether The Trump Campaign colluded with Russia. The probe has resulted in 4 unrelated indictments so far, 3 of which are being challenged in federal courts now.

Stay tuned…

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