Blackmore Wagyu Beef “Investment Steak” from Gwen in Hollywood, CA

Blackmore Wagyu Beef “Investment Steak” from Gwen in Hollywood, CA

Blackmore Wagyu Beef “Investment Steak” from Gwen in Hollywood, CA

Australian Blackmore Wagyu is so tender they had to change the traditional grading system.

Where to buy it: At select retailers in Australia, Taiwan, China, and Singapore; in the USA the only outlet is Gwen, Curtis Stone’s butcher shop and restaurant in Los Angeles (Hollywood) California.

Wagyu is a misleading term in most places.

Few Wagyu cows are pure-bred, and inconsistencies in quality have seriously diluted the market. Blackmore is the exception to beat all other exceptions.

These pure-bred cows yield steaks that literally broke the Wagyu grading system, and they usually exceed the best possible score at competitions.

What used to be a 6-point grading system now stretches to 9 points, a reflection of the steaks’ ultra-tender, buttery qualities.

Believe me, it is super, and my favorite butcher shop in Los Angeles.

The price: $180/lb

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