Arif Naqvi Sustainable Capitalism

Arif Naqvi Sustainable Capitalism

“Sustainable capitalismis not a trend. It’s a long-term progression that mankind has
brought us to.”
-Arif Naqvi

I think when we talk about sustainable capitalism what we’re really talking about is to do things the right way. It’s no longer about being a fashionable issue, it’s an important issue.

More and more companies are beginning to realize that, we need to start thinking about things like the environment, things like female employment. We need to start thinkingabout things like giving back, and about creating a more equal playing field in the
societies in which we operate.

People want to see companies that care. People want to see companies that deliver much more values-based thinking back into the societies from which they emerge. It’s no longer about going in and exploiting resources, for example. It’s no longer just about going in and drilling for oil. And I’ll give you a very simple example. Ten years from now it would give me great pleasure to walk into a supermarket and see somebody picking a bottle of water off the shelf with three identical bottles of water from three different companies and pick the bottle of water from the company that they know is doing work back into the communities in which they come from.

I think the stakeholder approach is one that is being embraced by more and more investors. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.
So if we can start investing into those sectors, into those cities, into those countries, and into those opportunities, in a way which is exactly in line with our investment philosophy of doing things the right way, of making good returns and doing so in a very localized manner, then I think that we will be creating an investment environment that everybody will benefit from.

Then we will realize that the world is going to become a more equal place. Sustainable capitalism will have played its role. And more importantly the profitability that is then derived from companies that care is going to be sustainable profitability.

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