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Antarctic Sea Ice Growing At Record Rate

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: July 1, 2014 Antarctic Sea Ice Growing At Record Rate

Antarctic Sea Ice Growing At Record Rate

Over this last weekend, the sea ice coverage around Antarctica marked a record high, with the ice surrounding the continent measuring at 2.07-M sq kilometers, according to an environmentalist and author who says the ice there has actually been increasing since Y 1979 despite continued warnings of global warming.

The new record was posted for the 1st time by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s online record, The Cryosphere Today, Sunday morning.

The previous record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice area was 1.840-M sq kilometers and occurred on 20 December 2007, global sea ice area on Sunday was standing at 0.991-M sq kilometers above average, a figure arrived at by adding anomalies for the North and South hemispheres.

While early models predicted the sea ice would decrease because of global warming, other models are showing that the opposite is happening around Antarctica, where sea ice growth is increasing.

A freshening of the waters surrounding the southernmost continent as well as the strengthening of the winds circling it were both theorized as explanations for the steady growth of Antarctica’s sea ice during the period of satellite measurement.

Climatologists have discounted the importance and growth of the Antarctic sea ice.

According to Walt Meier, formerly of the National Snow and Ice Data Center and currently of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, most of the Antarctic sea ice does not survive between years, and it’s less significant to the Earth’s climate than is the ice around the Arctic.

The growth of the Antarctic sea ice is providing “a public relations problem, at a minimum, for those warning of global warming’s menace.”

During the past 18 months, global sea ice has seen its strongest growth 18-month period of the last 13 yrs, maintaining, on average, a positive anomaly for an 18-month period for the 1st time since Y 2001.

The South Pole’s temperature has been dropping over the past 40 yrs.

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