Another Plane Missing AirAsia 8501

Posted by: : Shayne HeffernanPosted on: December 27, 2014 Another Plane Missing AirAsia 8501

Another Plane Missing AirAsia 8501

AirAsia 8501 has now been missing for hours and like MH370, no one seems to be able to explain how an aircraft just vanishes.

In 1944, a time when commercial flights still weren’t commonplace, a total of 24 planes went missing, according to data from the Aviation Safety Network, — and to this date, no one knows what happened to those aircrafts.

Private aircraft, often carrying just a single person — the pilot — tend to disappear far more often than large commercial airplanes.

And when large commercial airplanes do crash, they’re almost always found within days of the incident.

Which is why it’s so very strange that investigators still haven’t been able to determine the whereabouts of the Malaysia Airline plane that went missing on March 7.

Here’s an infographic that shows the number of planes, including private aircraft, that have gone missing over the years, and highlights a few particularly interesting disappearances.


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