Vacheron’s Traditionnelle Chronograph Perpetual Calendar in Platinum

Vacheron’s Traditionnelle Chronograph Perpetual Calendar in Platinum

Vacheron’s Traditionnelle Chronograph Perpetual Calendar in Platinum

Tuesday, Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin. announced a $150,000 Platinum watch that is an update its Traditionnelle Chronograph Perpetual Calendar has won over fans for its complexity and innovation.

The new watch shows the date, phases of the moon, month, and day of the week, and accounts for leap year, along with the timing capability of a chronograph watch, it is a winder, not electric.

The internal machinery that literally makes it tick is being built for the 1st time by Vacheron in house. Previously, the brand bought movements for watches from the Swiss manufacturer Lemania, owned by the Swatch Group.

In the past many Swiss brands relied on Swatch-produced movements to power their timepieces. Vacheron is now manufacturing movements in more of its watches, this is its best yet, according to the company’s press releases.

In this update of its classic, Vacheron added a tachymeter ring outside the minute track, as well as black day and month wheels to make time-telling more legible, which answers complaints about the previous model.

And to improve on its overall accuracy over the past modified movement, its oscillating frequency has bumped up to 3Hz, rather than 2.5.

This new VC Platinum watch is a beauty.

The company describes it thus, “Playing the subtle shades of gray card, a sleek, dark-slate opaline dial is contrasted by silver accents on its subdials. A beautifully decorated 22-karat, white gold moonphase indication disc provides a stunning focal point on an otherwise understated design. The case is 43 millimeters and made of polished platinum.”

Tier 1 perpetual calendar chronographs, are collectible, this is the kind of watch that may well end up commanding a investment grade price when and it one comes to auction in the future.

Stay tuned…

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