US Dollar Rallies, US Treasuries Fall

Posted by: : Paul EbelingPosted on: May 11, 2015 US Dollar Rallies, US Treasuries Fall

US Dollar Rallies, US Treasuries Fall

US Dollar (.DXY) Index rallied Monday against all of the majors but the GBP, rising 0.18% to 94.96

  • GBP/USD rallied 0.92% to $1.5584
    • The Bank of England maintained its policy rate at 0.50%, where it has been since Y 2009
    • The QE (quantitative easing) program was maintained at its current level of GBP375-B.
  • EUR/USD: -0.63% to $1.1152
    • Greece made a EUR 750-M payment to the IMF Monday
    • The Greek negotiating team is in Brussels for talks with the Eurogroup.
  • USD/JPY: +0.21% to 120.04
  • USD/CHF: +0.33% to 0.9344
  • USD/CAD: +0.04% to 1.2087
  • AUD/USD: -0.32% to $0.7908
  • NZD/USD: -1.82% to $0.7355


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US Treasury Complex

The US Treasury complex had a very difficult start to the week, but the 5’s/30’s spread is coming in a little bit to 142 bpts as the bonds have lost some of their downward momentum

  • Yield
    • 2-yr: +2 bpts to 0.59%
    • 5-yr: +7 bpts to 1.56%
    • 10-yr: +8 bpts to 2.23%
    • 30-yr: +8 bpts to 2.99%
  • European commissioner Pierre Moscovici is answering question in Brussels regarding the negotiations between the Eurogroup and Greece
    • The EU officials continue to say that progress is being made but much more work needs to be done
      • The disagreements that remain between the creditors and Greece are on pensions, labor market reform, and the Greece’s primary surplus.

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